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Working Hard! Aniversary Celebration, Red Ribbon Week, Kingswood Spook Center

i Oct 16th by

We had a great day yesterday!

One group of students worked on decorations for “The Kingswood Spook Center.”  The Kingswood Spook Center is a Halloween event at which our teens host games for younger kids.  Thanks KYCers for putting your heads together to get the games ready.  We’re all pumped for a fun night!

Another group made brownies for the 10th anniversary of our building celebration.  We can’t wait to host community guests this evening from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.  Hope to see you there!

Another group worked on our Red Ribbon Week poster.  Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign that helps students choose to stay drug free.  Its become a tradition at the KYC to create a poster which reflects the national campaign slogan, as well as our students reasons for choosing to be drug free.  This year’s slogan is: “Send a Message.  Stay Drug Free!”  Keeping with the theme, we made a poster shaped like a giant envelope.

Thanks KYCers for all your hard work!  What a fun month ahead!