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Wood Working At the KYC!

i Mar 27th by

Woodworking has become a fun, educational, and productive activity at the KYC.  We have made our own set of corn hole boards, our own Gaga pit,  a clothing rack, and most recently, a bench for our property.














Planing it out.  We had to make lots of 20 degree cuts.  All cuts were made with hand tools by KYCers!














Putting it together.  We used deck screws to carefully assemble our bench.  We had to drill counter-sink holes before screwing the pieces together.














Our finished piece.  Our new bench made from 2X4’s.  About ten different participants contributed to this effort.    We will let the wood age before we stain it.  We look forward to having another seat in our outdoor fitness area and to sitting around the campfire with friends.