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Wishing you well!

i Mar 26th by

Greetings KYCers and community members, we want to wish everyone well during these uncertain times.  Our daily lives have quickly changed as we adapt to ‘social distancing’ and work as a community to end the spread of COVID-19.  We realize that this is a very hard time for families who are coping with school and childcare closures, business closures and interruptions, shortages, and concern for loved ones.  It is heart breaking to have to postpone so many of the KYC’s services at a time when service to our community is so important.  In the coming weeks, we hope to find ways to support our members and families from afar when appropriate.

We are very proud of our youth members for their flexibility and courage in navigating these challenging times.  We know that the process of acclimating to remote learning and other day-to-day challenges is an experience that will help prepare our students for their roles as our future leaders.

We wish everyone health, safety and overall wellness!