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Winter Camp at Moody Mountain

i Mar 1st by

Today we took a hike to Moody Mountain to practice our camping skills.  We did some hiking, learned about fire building and practiced camp cooking.














Our group setting out!


















Today felt like spring time!  What a day to be out with the KYC!














There is a cabin near the summit of Moody Mountain.  This has proven to be a fun destination for many KYC trips.


















Zachary did a fire-building demo and tested the group on camp fire vocabulary.  Three things that start and fuel a fire: tinder, kindling, and fuel.   Three things a fire needs to sustain: fuel, heat, oxygen.  Three main types of campfires: tepee-provides light, log cabin-great for cooking, lean-to-great for warmth.


















Under supervision, the participants practiced their skills by lighting the wood stove.


















We cooked our lunch over the fire in tin foil.














Roasted carrots, potatoes, and kielbasa.  Roasted apples for desert.














Great day out with the KYC.  We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their vacation!  We’re back next week for our after school program and BTAS! on Wednesday night.