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Wildlife Encounters Visit!

i Mar 26th by

Last week we had both local and exotic live animals right here at the KYC!  A visit from Wildlife Encounters!


















This Cockatoo is as smart as a human toddler.


















Hedgehogs can move three feet per second…that’s pretty fast for those small legs!


















Snakes are instinctively driven with memories of just one to three minutes.  Some have up to 1,000 bones!


















Alligators eat harder foods crocodiles eat softer foods.  They can be very hard to distinguish; this is an alligator.














98 percent of animals are invertebrates (no backbone) like this spider.  50 percent of known animals are types of beetles.









There are about 60 kinds of kangaroo, most of which are very small.  The smallest adults are about six inches tall.  When they are born, they are the size of a jelly bean.  They then spend 6 months in the pouch.  The kangaroo is only pregnant for about 28 days, except if the pouch is occupied, she can actually shut off the pregnancy.

Thanks Wildlife encounters!