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Tumbledown and Santa’s Hut!

i Dec 30th by

Last week the KYC hosted a BTAS! program, where we went on a beautiful hike, and then got into the holiday spirit with a visit to Santa’s Hut and a fun gift exchange game!

The weather was beautiful, which put everyone in a particularly cheerful mood. At the top of Tumbledown Mountain in Brookfield, we basked in the warm sun and beautiful views! After the hike, we visited Santa and Mrs. Clause, who added to the holiday spirit! Back at the youth center, we ate a delicious dinner, watched a movie and played a game. We all had wrapped gifts, and Zachary read aloud the poem, “T’was The Night Before Christmas.” Every time the word “the,” was mentioned, we had to pass our gift to the left. And every time the word “all” was mentioned, we passed to the right. We made it even more complicated by placing a blindfold on one participant! Lots of laughter and confusion ensued… and then we opened our gifts!

We hope everyone is enjoying their winter break, and we can’t wait to see you all when the after school program resumes this Thursday. Happy Holidays, and see you next year!