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Trivia with a Twist!

i Jun 10th by

The school year is winding down (don’t fret, we have a full schedule of summer programs!) and we are having fun wrapping the many programs we offer during after-school hours.  We played a fun trivia game to wrap up two of our mainstay programs: Life Skills and Substance Misuse Prevention.  In Life Skills, we help high school and middle schools learn crucial skills that will serve them throughout adulthood.  These skills range from cooking to applying for jobs and college.  Substance misuse prevention programs impart important information that will help teens make safe and healthy choices.  Students demonstrated lots of important knowledge during our two trivia games!

Here’s how it worked.  Corn hole boards labeled, A, B, C. and D were laid out on the lawn.  Zachary shouted multiple choice questions to the group.  Students answered the question by moving to the corresponding corn hole board.  Once the right answer was revealed, our volunteer took a shot at the board.  If he/she missed, whoever got the answer right got a small prize.  If he or she got it in, a student had to make a rebuttal shot.  If the rebuttal shot was a miss, no prize.  But if the rebuttal shot was successful, a big prize!