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The Best of 2016-2017 School Year!

i Jun 8th by

Today is the last day of the KYC Afterschool Program for the 2016-2017 school year.  Next week we launch into an exciting series of 12 full-day and half-day summer programs!  Check out the BTAS! tab under ‘upcoming events’ for the full schedule.

This school year, the Kingswood Youth Center reached over 275 high school and middle school students.  We offered our long-standing afterschool program, in addition to 100 hours of additional programs (BTAS!), including many full-day programs and an overnight.  What a fun year!  Please sit back and browse the ‘Best of 2016-2017 School Year!’


We acknowledged Red Ribbon Week by making a giant Ribbon, decorated with our substance free passions.

A Teen Council provided peer-leadership and led activities for us.  At Halloween the Teen Council put on a ‘haunted trail.’

We gave thanks and had a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

We gave back through volunteering at the Lakes Region Humane Society…

…and the Food Pantry Garden in Wolfeboro…

…and through decorating bird feeders for local retirement communities.

We decorated a tree for the Festival of Trees!

Shelly always had a science project or something else to keep us interested and amazed.

Joanne Helped with woodworking and more.

Jeremy was always up for games, whether tossing a football, cards, or table tennis.

Ellen loved to get out and explore with us!

Eric was up for just about any wholesome fun!

Megan (and Gage!) was always available to chat and hang out!

Yes there really was a pig in the KYC!  Wildlife Encounters offered a live animal demonstration.

We hiked a lot!

We built our own corn-hole game…

…which brought lots of fun with friends.

We made a GaGa Pit too…

…and enjoyed even more outdoor fun!

Sometimes we dropped everything for a spontaneous afternoon at the beach…

…or the park.

We made music…


…and created works of art.

Sometimes we were serious… (Guest speaker Trooper Michno, giving his perspective on prevention.)


…other times not so much.



BTAS! (beyond the after-school) offered us many new opportunities…


…including the KYC’s first ever overnight!


We offered YouthMax with Caroline…


…and Cooking Matters For Teens with Joy.

Did we miss anything?..Of course we did; we did so much more…






Thanks everyone for a great year.  See you in our summer programs and then in September for  another year of the Afterschool Program.