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Taking a Dip With Chucky Rosa of Chucky’s Fight!

i Aug 1st by

Yesterday we enjoyed a favorite KYC program: a dip with Chucky Rosa of Chucky’s Fight at Seabrook Beach!  Rosa swims in the ocean everyday of the year in honor of his two sons who he lost tragically, and to help teens choose to be substance free.  Eight KYC students joined us for the swim.  Each student made a pledge to make good choices and received a set of Chucky’s Fight dog tags as a reminder of their commitment.  Then we took to the sea and joined Rosa for his daily dip.  Mary Rosa of Chuckys Fight filmed the event.  Thank you Chuckys Fight for your devotion, good work, and hospitality!  Thank Eric Moran CRSW of White Horse Addiction Center  for joining the dip!  Check out our Facebook page for the video