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i Sep 7th by

Yesterday our summer programs came to an end.  What a great summer!  (the after-school program will resume on Monday September 18; see you then!).  Throughout the summer, we swam at several beaches and natural pools, visited museums and attractions, climbed many local mountains, and made a few stops for ice cream!  A big thank you to the local supporters who made these amazing programs possible!

One of our first hikes was to the summit of Mt. Major in Alton.  This has to be one of the best views in the Lakes Region!  Plus, we got to stop for pizza on the way home.

Sentinel Mountain!  We really lucked out on weather for almost every hike we took!

We took advantage of an invitation to the beach at Camp Sentinel, following our hike to Sentinel Mountain.

Hanging out with White Horse!  We visited our friends from White Horse at ‘The Shed.’  White Horse will continue to volunteer with us each Wednesday.

We visited Squam Lake Natural Science Center and learned about local wildlife.

After a hike to Green Mountain, we went Go-Karting.  Go-Go Green Mountain!

We rode the mountain coaster at Gunstock!

A visit to the Libby Museum right here in Wolfeboro!

Another hike on a beautiful summer day…Mt. Roberts!  The last step in preparing for a big end of summer goal…

The last hike of the summer took us to Cannon Mountain, one of NH’s 4000 foot peaks!  There are only 48 peaks in NH over 4000 feet.  Hard work paid off on the KYC’s accent of this iconic mountain.  Nice work KYC!

The KYC did all of this and so much more this past summer!  What a great use of our school vacation!  Thank you to all KYC members who participated.  Another big thank you to all supporters who made this possible.