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i Apr 16th by

Each Monday, our volunteer scientist, Shelly hosts Science Cafe.  In Science Cafe, we explore topics and issues, create and experiment!    Yesterday, we looked at shopping bag sustainability, and made slime and kinetic sand.














The use of plastic shopping bags has been an issue of much discussion lately, as it should be given environmental implications of single use plastics.  High volumes of plastics enter our oceans and other ecosystems, inflicting harm on wildlife.  One solution is to use reusable shopping bags.  However, all grocery bags are not created equally!   Shelly notes that due to the environmental impact of manufacturing them, organic cotton bags need to be reused up to 20,000 times before they prove more environmentally advantageous than single use plastic.  Reusable plastic bags on the other-hand are a great choice, as many fewer reuses are required before ecological benefits are reaped.

We’ve heard about places where single-use plastic bags are prohibited; these laws have some unintended consequences.  Communities that ban disposable shopping bags have seen an immediate spike in sales of products such as 4-gallon trash bags and disposable bags used for picking up dog waste.  These products are also single use and are made from much more plastic than typical single use grocery bags.


















Shelly also offered a kinetic sand experiment!














…and slime making!  Thanks Shelly!