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Red Ribbon Week Theme Contest

i Nov 7th by

We were proud to celebrate Red Ribbon Week in 2015, 2016, and 2017.  In 2016 and 2017 we used the national campaign slogans as themes for our own activities.  The slogan for 2016, “YOLO!” (you only live once) and the slogan for 2017, “your future is key, so stay drug-free!,” were both created by students in a national contest to choose a theme.  Following Red Ribbon Week, we challenged ourselves to come up with a catchy and meaningful theme for 2018.

Members of our Teen Council explained the challenge and led groups in devising a theme.

Step One: Brainstorming at the drawing board.

At the art table creating a visual to accompany the slogan.

Our groups had lots of great ideas!

At the end we regrouped to presented our work.  We will revisit our ideas to finalize them for the December 1st deadline.  Who knows?, the entire nation may broadcaste a KYC member created slogan during Red Ribbon Week 2018!