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Perspectives on Prevention U-Tell-Us

i Apr 17th by

To wrap up our perspectives on prevention series, we challenged the participants to provide their perspectives in a U-Tell-Us Segment.  We got their perspective through asking questions to the group.

Q: Do students some misuse substances?  A: Yes

Q: What are the most commonly misused substances by students?  A: Weed, rx, vape, Jewels, heroin, alcohol carfentanil, cigarettes.

Q: Why do students try substance?  A: they are all around them; peer pressure; their parents use; something to do/pass time; brain not developed so they can’t make good decisions; to feel better about themselves.

Q: How many middle school students have tried substances?  A: All 1; Most 9; Some 5; few 1

Q: What can you do to help prevent friends from using?  A: Tell them the harmful side effects; tell them personal stories.