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Perspectives on Prevention

i Feb 22nd by

Yesterday we continued our series called, ‘Perspectives on Prevention.’  Each week we will hear from a guest speaker who will provide their unique perspective on substance misuse prevention.  Last week we got a law enforcement perspective from retired Police Chief Sansenbacher.  Yesterday we heard from a local mother who has adult children who are in long-term recovery.














Our guest shared with us about her four children who suffer from addiction.  She spoke about the how hard it is to watch her children struggle and suffer.  Like any parent, she wants her children to have the best life possible.  However, her children’s lives have been beyond difficult because of their personal struggles with addiction.














Our guest remained us that all of her children’s struggles started with one bad choice.   No one wants to be addicted, but what starts with just one joint, one pill, or any choice to misuse substances can quickly escalate to become a terrible struggle.  Our guest and Eric reminded us that we all have dreams and that substance misuse will only stand in the way of those dreams.

Sharing her personal story was a challenging and selfless task for our guest.  It is invaluable that yesterday, thirty-one high school and middle school students heard her story.  Our students asked thought provoking questions and are  now that much better equip to make good choices.

Thank you so much to our guest speaker and to White Horse Addiction Center for empowering our local teens to remain substance free.