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Overnight trip to Cold River Camp!

i May 21st by

This past weekend were were invited to take an overnight trip to the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Cold River Camp.  Cold River Camp is located in Chatham, NH in the Eastern White Mountains.  Thank you Cold River Camp for sharing your wonderful space with us.














We started by going over rules and taking a full tour.  The tour ended with a demonstration of Cold River Camp’s famous fog horn.


















Participant’s got to sound the horn!















A little drizzle did’nt prevent us from taking a hike to Little Deer Hill!














Crossing the Cold River on the dam.


















Cold River Camp is situated just a ‘stone’s throw’ from the ME/NH boarder.  On our hike to Little Deer we crossed into ME.  Our participants in two different states.


















A fine view on the way up.














Our group at the top of Little Deer Hill.


















We brought ingredients to make pizza.  Zachary and Mara had fun making pizza for everyone!














Job exploration!  We live in a region known for it’s summer tourism.  A lot of teens get summer jobs washing dishes in the Lakes Region’s many busy restaurants.   Zachary talked a bit about what it’s like to wash dishes in a commercial kitchen.


















We enjoyed evening group games around the fireplace in the lodge!


















7:00 wake up to the CRC horn!  Zachary made us all pancakes!  He felt right at home in the CRC kitchen…almost like he’s done this before!














Morning trip to Emerald Pool!  Zachary stood on a rock at ‘Circle Junction’ and told the group a bit about the geography of the area and went over the rules for a safe and fun swim!


















Emerald Pool; one of the region’s many scenic spots!   It’s know for its green color and great (albeit cold!) swimming!


















Some ‘took the plunge,’ (nice action shot!) others enjoyed the scenery, dipped toes, and encouraged peers.  Fun was had by all!














Picnic on the porch and farewell to Cold River Camp!


















We concluded with a discussion about recreation, conservation, and education.   We all reflected and shared our ‘peaks and valleys.’

What a great opportunity to explore new places, spend time with friends, disconnect from our electronics, and have fun!  Thank you Cold River Camp for sharing your beautiful space!