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‘Out of this World’ Cookie Decorating

i Jan 8th by

Decorating snowman cookies was fun, delicious, and seasonally appropriate; but our resident scientist, Shelly had a scientific reason for this fun treat.  NASA recently collected images of a celestial object that lies about 1 billion miles beyond Pluto!  Having traveled 4 billion miles from Earth, the space craft set the record for the furthest celestial body ever explored.  The object was named Ultima Thule.  Ultima Thule consists of two spheres joined together.  It looks a whole lot like a snowman!

These are some of the ground breaking pictures of Ultima Thule!


















Theses are our KYCers decorating snowman cookies!














Thank you Shelly for these opportunities for fun and learning!  Nearly every week we offer Science Cafe with Shelly, a fun chance to learn, create, and explore.  The recent 4 billion mile trip is a great reminder of the vast potential of human exploration.