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Camp Fire at the KYC!

i Jun 6th by

Last week our BTAS! program consisted of a camp fire!  We worked together to gather wood and safely kindle a fire.  Then we enjoyed a cookout.  We could not have asked for better spring weather!

Many hands make light work!  After a quick walk on the KYC nature trail, we had plenty of dry wood for our camp fire.

This pile kept the fire going throughout the event.

Tending the fire.

Zachary setting up the grill.  We had BBQ turkey and an assortment of sides!

Thanks to everyone who participated.  This week KYCers are invited to stay until 7:00 on both Wednesday and Thursday!

KYC Talent Show

i Jun 5th by

Last Thursday we hosted our own talent show!

An original rap!



Water marksmanship!

Thanks for participating KYCers!

Cooking Matter For Teens Conclusion

i May 31st by

Yesterday was the final day of our six week Cooking Matters for Teens program.  We concluded the series with a culinary competition.  Competing on the menu:

Baked Flaked Chicken


The Works Pizza



Working fast to be ready for judging.


Pizza Prep

Almost Done!

Oven Fresh Pizza vs. Crispy Breaded Chicken; two classic comfort foods prepared using fresh and nutritious ingredients.  The competition was tough.

Peers sampled the final products.  After careful consideration, the judges voted on taste, appearance, and nutritional value.

The Pizza took the prize for nutrition and appearance; but the chicken won in the taste category.  “No matter how you slice it,” you can’t go wrong with either of these great recipes from Cooking Matters.  Check out the links at the beginning of this post to try making either 0f these recipes at home.

All of the KYC members who participated in Cooking Matters for Teens did a great job!  Thank you to our facilitator, Joy, our volunteer Ellen, UNH Cooperative Extension, and the NH Food Bank for this great program!

Throwback Thursday!

i May 25th by

The 2015, 5th Annual Chili Challenge! We are busy getting ready for the 7th Annual Chili Challenge, which is scheduled for the end of September.  Lots of chances to support the KYC!

Cooking Matters For Teens, Shopping Tour!

i May 24th by

Yesterday, Cooking Matters for Teens went on the road and took a shopping tour at Hannaford.

We looked at our favorite cereals, accessing them for sugar, dietary fiber, and other nutritional components.  We then selected cereals which we thought were healthy and put them to the test.

We looked at unit prices and determined how much it costs to make different foods.  French fries cost $0.34 per serving to make.  How much do they cost at your favorite fast food chain?


We looked at our favorite soft drinks.  How much sugar in a serving?  What if you drank the whole bottle?!

We had lots of fun shopping and learning.  At the end we got to choose a healthy snack.  Thanks!

A Hike to Caverly Mountain in New Durham

i May 23rd by

Last week we hosted a BTAS! (beyond the afterschool) program, consisting of a hike to Caverly Mountain in New Durham.  This was a new mountain for the KYC.  It was great to visit another local peak.

We passed this interesting Beaver dam on the way in.

The trail follows old roads for most of the way to the summit.  It was muddy in places, but never bad.

This sign told us that we were near our destination.

The sun was getting lower as reached our viewpoint.  The view west towards the Belknap Mountains would be great for observing the sunset.  We were a bit early for sunset, but has a picturesque view of mountains and lakes.

Our group at the summit.  Nice work KYC!

Cooking Matters For Teens

i May 22nd by

Last week we hosted another session of Cooking Matters for Teens!  On the menu:

Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese


Fresh Fruit with With Warm Honey Yogurt Topping


Delicious and nutritious as usual!  Use the links above to try the recipes for yourselves!

Throwback Thrusday!

i May 18th by

Given today’s record high temps, what better for Throwback Thursday than a beach pic?  This picture shows KYCers swimming at Albee Beach in 2013.  We will take beach trips before the end of this school year and will have many opportunities for swimming during our summer programs.

Substance Abuse Prevention Trivia with a Twist!

i May 15th by

On Wednesday, we played a fun and informative game invented by the KYC staff.  Zachary asked substance abuse prevention multiple choice questions.  Members answered the multiple choice questions by gathering at one of the KYC’s home-made corn-hole boards, labeled, ‘A, B, C, and D.’  Once the answer was revealed, Eric from White Horse took a shot at that board.  If he missed, everyone who answered correctly got a piece from Mara’s big bag of candy.  If he got it through the hole, the group appointed a member to take a rebuttal shot: if they missed the rebuttal, no candy; if they scored,  two pieces!

Zachary was the ‘questionnaire’

Eric up at the ‘plate!’

Suspense as Eric makes another toss!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this fun and informative activity!  Thank you White Horse for all you do!


Throwback Thursday!

i May 11th by

Here’s a summertime picture from last year.  This year, the KYC will offer summer programs each Wednesday.  The schedule will be posted soon.