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December was a blast!

i Jan 19th by

And that’s a wrap for December! Wow, did we have a fun month! We visited with Sawyer the Therapy dog, experienced the Gift of Lights in Louden, completed many puzzles, and had two days’ worth of holiday parties! Our parties were so fun and included lots and lots of gifts and games provided by volunteer Diane, treats provided by volunteer Pamela and Diane, and enthusiasm and excitement provided by KYC teens. We put up a tree at Festival of Trees, made wreaths and holiday cards, and helped Wolfeboro Rotary sell Christmas trees (while wearing themed costumes!). So many things!

Another highlight of the holiday season was that Debbie, Sarah, and Pat (some friends of the KYC!) put on a fantastic program for our teens. They brought everything needed for 25 teens to make their own holiday Boxwood Trees. They brought treats, snacks, drinks, and really put on a festive and creative celebration for our KYC members. Teens showed so much excitement, innovation, and creativity. We can’t thank these generous community members for creating such a special afternoon for us!



Life Skills: Job Interviews!

i Jan 12th by

This week in our Life Skills program, teens wrote and performed job interview skits. The catch? Throw in ONE thing that wouldn’t be good to do at an interview. We saw one interviewee show up with their personal assistant who was constantly fetching them coffee, one interviewee slouching and mumbling, one slander the company, and one interview for a job they were too young for. It was so fun seeing these teens learn about and practice job interviews in an engaging, entertaining, and educational way!

It’s By the Kids Publication

i Jan 5th by

7 KYC teens submitted prose or artwork with the hopes to be published in Janice Beetle’s book, “It’s By The Kids.” This book is being sold to raise funds for the Lakes Region Children’s Auction, and features ALL SEVEN Submissions by KYC members! They were asked to join in on a special evening in Belmont, to present their work to an audience. We are so incredibly proud of our teens. Keep writing, creating art, and putting yourselves out there! You’ll never know what you can accomplish! @janicebeetlebooks


Thanksgiving and More at the Kingswood Youth Center!

i Nov 22nd by

We’ve been having a lot of fun and relaxing times here at the KYC! Puzzling, science, prepping for the holidays, painting, woodworking and playing games!  Thanks for all the help with preparations, KYC teens and volunteers!

A week prior to Thanksgiving we shared a wonderful, festive meal! 18 of us sat down together, after appetizers and games, and shared what we are most thankful for. Then we enjoyed dinner together, followed by more games! Pictionary and charades were extra fun! Some things we are thankful for are: hospitals, friends, family, animals, birthdays, snow days, KYC staff and volunteers, music, KYC, food, life, being substance free, and health!

More Halloween Fun!

i Nov 2nd by

The Halloween fun continues! We had a Halloween party, carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds! It’s such a fun time of year and we sure take advantage of it!

Kingswood Spook Center

i Nov 1st by

KYC teens did a fantastic job hosting the Kingswood Spook Center, a Halloween themed evening for elementary aged children! Teens led children through games, where they earned tickets they could exchange for prizes! Face painting, popcorn, and plenty of yummy snacks were part of the fun as well! Our teens ended the night enjoying an extra special dessert made by our wonderful volunteer, Diane. Thanks to all who helped out at the event, and to everyone who came to enjoy the fun! We are already looking forward to hosting it for our 4th year next Oct!


Wednesday Programs at the KYC!

i Oct 13th by

On Wednesdays, teens are welcome to stay at the KYC later into the evening. We have dinner together and a focused activity. One recent Wednesday we hosted an Egg Drop Competition, where teens were challenged to create a contraption with an uncooked egg in the middle. Then, they dropped the contraption/egg from a high point and checked to see if the egg was still intact! We went to Abenaki Tower to test our skills! Only one person walked away with an unscathed egg! What a fun evening… and that view was spectacular! (And don’t worry, we cleaned up all of our trash from the competition!)

Another recent Wednesday program was full of a lot of different activities! We did some team building games, finished an art project we have been working on (more on that later!) and baked really cool, festive cookies with Diane! We love having longer programs on Wednesdays! It means MORE TIME FOR FUN!

Kingswood Spook Center

i Oct 6th by

A Visit to Lakes Region Humane Society!

i Oct 4th by

One of our favorite outings is a visit to Lakes Region Humane Society, where we get to socialize with the animals! Last visit, we played with Bagel and Jack, two very sweet cats! There were also some adorable kittens we got to play with! @lrhs_pets_and_friends

KYC Helps out with White Horse Recover’s “Rev For Recovery” Fundraiser!

i Oct 4th by

The KYC was invited to lead games at White Horse Recovery’s Rev for Recovery fundraiser. Teens did a great job running the stations and representing the youth center. We love getting involved in the community and are grateful we had the opportunity! @the_white_horse_recovery