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Throwback Thursday (Valentine’s Day Edition)

i Feb 14th by

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  Here’s some pics from Valentine’s Past!



Science with Shelly

i Feb 12th by

Thank you to our volunteer, Shelly for a very fun day yesterday!  Shelly offered magnet experiments, home-made stress balls, and fresh baked Valentine’s Day brownies!  We also offered woodworking and card making!















Participants work on multiple projects in our art area!


















Shelly helps a student experiment.















Thanks Shelly for the seasonal treat!


















Happy Valentine’s Day!

Soup’s on! Knights Against Hunger Empty Bowls Fundraiser.

i Feb 7th by

Yesterday, in our BTAS! program we made a home-made butternut squash bisque to contribute to the Knight’s Against Hunger Empty Bowls Fundraiser.

The Fundraiser will be held on Friday, February 8 at 5:00 PM in the KRHS cafeteria.  A handmade bowl including unlimited soup and bread is available between $15 and $25.  Soup and bread is available for $5.  It will be fun and delicious.  Check it out!

A KYC member told us about this fundraiser and we chose to make an evening of it!  What a fun night!


















Zachary started by demonstrating some basic knife skills to prepare us for our culinary responsibilities!














Next, the students put their skills to the test.  Students made Mirepoix (onion, carrots, and celery).


















Students worked to peel and cut the squash.


















After we seasoned the soup to perfection, we pureed the cooked mix.


















Thanks Knights Against Hunger all you do.  We’re happy to be involved in this fun event!


i Feb 5th by

Yesterday we offered a series of egg games!














Egg science with Shelly.


















Egg vacuum with Zachary and Mara!














Students got lots of time to experiment!














Egg on spoon relay on snowshoes!


















Defend the egg!  An egg drop competition!


















Students were challenged to help their egg survive the plunge!

Throwback Thursday!

i Jan 31st by

This is an egg drop competition we did in 2015.  We’ll do another one next week!  We hope the blue skies and snow-less yard in this photo makes everyone feel a little warmer!

Slime time!

i Jan 30th by

Each Monday, we offer Science Cafe with our resident scientist Shelly!  A frequently requested favorite science experiment is slime making!


















Lots of colors and textures!














Always fun to experiment with friends!
































Scientists at work!


















Slime time!

KYC Escape Room!

i Jan 28th by

Last Wednesday, we hosted our version of an escape room.  Students were challenged to work together as a team to unlock a prize!














Students searched the center for riddles and clues.  For example: “They were a boy band in the 1990’s which included Justin Timberlake.  Such is the location of your next clue.”  (in sink!).


















Some of the clues lead them to digits in the combination to a lock.














They cracked the code to the locked bag!  The catch: the prize wasn’t in the bag!  Instead they found another clue and resumed the hunt to the real treasure!


















After a few more riddles and clues the treasure chest was found!  The students tried their digits on the lock and revealed there prize!  What did they reveal?














Gift certificates to Anthony’s Pizza!  The students took to the bus for a group outing!














What a fun night!  We’ll be sure to do it again!

This is part of a game we’re playing in BTAS! on 1-23-19

i Jan 23rd by

Nice work KYCers!  Your last digit is 3!  To find your prize and crack the code: the treasure was lost, now it’s almost found-let that be your clue as to where it’s hidden! 

KYC Fundraiser This Weekend at the Brewood Classic!

i Jan 22nd by

BTAS! Science Cafe!

i Jan 17th by

Our most recent BTAS! program was a science cafe!  We offered two scientific demonstrations, science trivia with prizes, and Bill Nye the Science Guy!


















A hard boiled egg didn’t come close to fitting through the mouth of these old milk bottles.  However, when the staff placed a burning piece of paper in the bottle, the egg was sucked through the mouth like magic!  It wasn’t magic though, it was science.  The air in the bottle heated and expanded while the flames were burning.  Then, when the fire went out, the air cooled and the air pressure outside of the bottle exceeded the pressure on the inside.   This change in pressure forced the egg into the bottle.


















The next experiment was called elephant toothpaste.  Teens carefully worked together to combine hydrogen peroxide, food coloring, yeast, warm water, and dish soap.  A reaction ensued, causing foam to burst out of the bottle!  The yeast acted to remove the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide, forcing bubbles rapidly out of our bottles!














Next we enjoyed a home cooked dinner and Bill Nye the Science Guy!


















We finished with science trivia.  One student won the grand prize.  His new shirt states, “I wear this shirt periodically!”