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A Hike to Caverly Mountain

i May 9th by

Spring is here!  Yesterday in our BTAS! program, we took a hike to Caverly Mountain in New Durham.  What a great evening!  











Our group ready to go!












Steadily making our way up!  












One student leading the pack!











A beaver dam along the way.












Well done KYCers!  You worked hard for this one!












A rest before heading back!

Yoga at the KYC!

i May 7th by

This year, we have offered several yoga classes here at the KYC.  We are very proud to be sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with local youth! 












Instructional videos have allowed us to practice right in our Center.












We’ve learned that yoga can be really relaxing!












It’s a great way to have fun with friends!












Abbey, a local instructor even visited our Center to teach a class.  Thanks Abbey!













Then she returned for an outdoor class!












We’d say practice is paying off!


BBQ Fundraiser for the KYC May 18!

i May 2nd by

We’re Still Experimenting!

i Apr 30th by

Our Monday afternoons we host Science Cafe with our volunteer scientist Shelly.  Yesterday we asked, “what happens if you put ivory soap in the microwave?” (Don’t worry, it’s safe as long as you’re careful not to get burned).  

It Turns to foam! 


When heated, air inside the soap expands and water in the soap vaporizes.  These processes cause gases to push on the soap, which has been softened by the heat.  Soap that is microwaved can expand to six times is original size!  

BTAS! Hike to Whiteface Mountain

i Apr 25th by

Today in our BTAS! (beyond the after school) school vacation program, we took a hike to Whiteface Mountain in Gilford, NH.  It was a perfect day for a spring hike!














Part of our group at the trailhead ready to hit the trail.















The view from Whiteface Mountain allows hikers to see right up to Franconia Notch.  There’s also great views of the Sandwich Range, Kearsarge, and Cardigan.














We took our time enjoying the view!














Zachary even did a little juggling!

















Thanks to the students who joined us for a fine day off from school!  We hope everyone’s having a safe, fun, and relaxing vacation.

Throwback Thursday!

i Apr 18th by

Today is throwback Thursday during Kingswood Regional Middle School spirit week!   Here’s a KYC throwback from 2009.  Now we’ve been in our building on Center Street for almost 10 years!


Escape Room!

i Apr 17th by

Last Wednesday in BTAS!, the KYC hosted our second escape room.  Students worked as a team to crack the code to get back into the KYC.  The correct answer to multiple choice trivia questions corresponded with the correct digits to a set of combinations locks.  For example:

What article of clothing is called a chapeau in French?

4 Tie

2 Hat

9 Belt

0 Dress

The correct answer (hat) corresponds with the correct first digit.  The students had to get all twelve correct digits before they could get into the building to claim their prize (other doors were unlocked for bathrooms, emergencies, etc.).














Working to crack the code!


















Testing the numbers!


















The prize, ice cream Sundaes!


















Thanks for playing KYCers!



Science Cafe!

i Apr 16th by

Each Monday, our volunteer scientist, Shelly hosts Science Cafe.  In Science Cafe, we explore topics and issues, create and experiment!    Yesterday, we looked at shopping bag sustainability, and made slime and kinetic sand.














The use of plastic shopping bags has been an issue of much discussion lately, as it should be given environmental implications of single use plastics.  High volumes of plastics enter our oceans and other ecosystems, inflicting harm on wildlife.  One solution is to use reusable shopping bags.  However, all grocery bags are not created equally!   Shelly notes that due to the environmental impact of manufacturing them, organic cotton bags need to be reused up to 20,000 times before they prove more environmentally advantageous than single use plastic.  Reusable plastic bags on the other-hand are a great choice, as many fewer reuses are required before ecological benefits are reaped.

We’ve heard about places where single-use plastic bags are prohibited; these laws have some unintended consequences.  Communities that ban disposable shopping bags have seen an immediate spike in sales of products such as 4-gallon trash bags and disposable bags used for picking up dog waste.  These products are also single use and are made from much more plastic than typical single use grocery bags.


















Shelly also offered a kinetic sand experiment!














…and slime making!  Thanks Shelly!

Softball Team Visit!

i Apr 10th by

Yesterday, the middle school softball team joined us for our afterschool program.  Thanks for visiting!














We all watched one of the KYC’s favorite short films, The Butterfly Circus.  Highly recommended https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p98KAEif3bI  This is a great story of how the main character, Will, finds his niche with the infamous Butterfly Circus!














We played ‘the best game!’  Teams of students are tasked with sending their ‘best’ to complete a challenge.  Examples of challenges: Tallest, youngest, random trivia question, ‘name that song,’ state capitols, cornhole.














The softball team tie-dyed socks!


















Others worked on our re-purposed feed bag contest for the Green Mountain Conservation Group’s contest!














What a fun afternoon!  A big thanks to the softball team for joining us!



i Apr 8th by

Each Thursday, we spend some time in our life skills programs.  These are the programs that help students develop specific skills that will prepare them for adulthood.  On Thursday we talked a bit about personal budgets.  We challenged students to brainstorm a list of expenses incurred in a typical household.  Next we talked about how much some of those things might cost.  Next week, we’ll dig a little deeper!