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Life Skills!

i Jan 7th by

Our Life Skills Programs continued last week with Job Application Bingo!  The activity gave high school and middle schoolers the opportunity to look at the format of job applications.  This exposure will be very helpful as our KYCers enter the workforce (many already have!).


















Groups of two each received a different filled out job application.  Mara and Zachary prompted the students to hunt through the apps based on different criteria.  For example: ‘Applicant has a Master’s Degree,’ ‘Applicant’s phone number is in an area code other than 603,’ ‘Applicant worked in food service,’ ‘One of the applicants references is a teacher,’ etc.


















Students called Bingo!  whenever they collected five corresponding facts.  Prizes were awarded!


















This proved to be a fun way to expose our students to the job application process.  Throughout the year we will host fun activities to teach teens a variety of life skills.