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KYC “Takes a Dip” with Chucky!

i Aug 1st by

Today was a very special day in the KYC’s line-up of summer programs.  Our scheduled program took us to NH’s seacoast in the name of substance misuse prevention!














This past spring at White Horse Addiction Center’s Freedom Event Dinner, the KYC was introduced to a remarkable man named Chucky Rosa.  Rosa swims in the ocean every single day of the year (that’s right, all winter long!) and has done so without missing a day for over ten years.  His motivation for this seemingly crazy practice is very personal and very important; Rosa tragically lost two sons to drug over doses.  He dispersed his son’s ashes in the ocean at the beach where he now swims daily.  His morning dip is a chance to be with his sons, to spread awareness of the dangers of substance misuse, and to remind young people to make good choices.














And today, the KYC got to be part of it!  We joined Chucky to support his cause and to remind our members of the importance of making healthy choices.


















Chucky explained the importance of our plunge.  He challenged us to take a pledge to make healthy choices and bestowed upon us, Chucky’s Fight Dog Tags as a reminder of this precious commitment!

Then our group locked hands and charged into the cold Atlantic (maybe we shouldn’t tell Chucky we were cold; after all, he was in there at the end of December when it was below zero–burrrr!)

To view of video of our dip, please follow this link

Thank you to all who joined us and to everyone who helps teens choose not to misuse substances!