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KYC Escape Room!

i Jan 28th by

Last Wednesday, we hosted our version of an escape room.  Students were challenged to work together as a team to unlock a prize!














Students searched the center for riddles and clues.  For example: “They were a boy band in the 1990’s which included Justin Timberlake.  Such is the location of your next clue.”  (in sink!).


















Some of the clues lead them to digits in the combination to a lock.














They cracked the code to the locked bag!  The catch: the prize wasn’t in the bag!  Instead they found another clue and resumed the hunt to the real treasure!


















After a few more riddles and clues the treasure chest was found!  The students tried their digits on the lock and revealed there prize!  What did they reveal?














Gift certificates to Anthony’s Pizza!  The students took to the bus for a group outing!














What a fun night!  We’ll be sure to do it again!