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Holidays At the KYC

i Dec 28th by

Last week, we saw our members off for their vacations with a holiday celebration!














We were able to offer pizza from Louis’ Pizza.  The pizza was provided by a donation from one of our food donors!  Thank you!  Louis offered free drinks!  Thanks!














Each member got a gift as our token of appreciation for them!  The blanket came from Project Blanket, a donation facilitated by one of our Board members.  Thank you!














Dunkin Donuts gift cards came for White Horse Addiction Center and our good friend Eric!  Thank you!














We threw in bags of candy, including some delicious chocolates!


















We hosted a White Elephant, using fun and silly gifts from the KYC!


















In some Indian cultures, White Elephants are sacred.  They are an honorable gift to bestow on another.  The catch is that because they are sacred, they may not be used for work.  Therefore, the recipient must feed and clean up after a very big animal, but will get no help from it!  Some of the gifts in a white elephant gift swap feel that way; prized, but unwanted.














2017 was a great year at the KYC.  Thanks to everyone who helped out and participated!  Let’s make 2018 even better!  Happy New Year!