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Gettin’ Outside!

i Jan 16th by

Kingswood Youth Center’s members, staff, and volunteers never shy away from getting outside, even during these dark and cold months. Throughout the last few weeks we have made great use of the equipment we have, and the areas surrounding the KYC!

Last week a group of KYC’ers hopped on the bus and took a five minute drive to The Nick. We went sledding and even snowshoed TO the sledding hill!

This week a few of us strapped on snowshoes and checked out the KYC trail, which is a short loop we made on our property! We practiced following trail blazes, and navigated some short and steep inclines, ice, and even a small wooden plank! The KYC’ers did an amazing job, and didn’t fall once! We hooked into the Cotton Valley trail as well, and trekked to a small bridge, with a beautiful view of Lake Wentworth.

The KYC provides snow-pants, coats, winter boots, hats, and gloves for members to borrow. There is no reason for us to not get outside and play! See you outside!