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Fall Picnic Table Projects!

i Nov 26th by

This fall we embarked upon an ongoing project, building and restoring picnic tables.  We started by building two new picnic tables from start to finish.  Next we embarked upon refurbishing two of the KYC’s existing tables.  Students showed creativity and teamwork and practiced painting and carpentry skills.  Nice job KYC!

For our new tables, we chose to go with a natural look, finishing with clear stain.  In refurbishing some tables that the KYC has had for over 10 years, we decided to get creative and show our KYC spirit!  Below there is one ‘before shot’ and three ‘after shots’ of our completed work.  These table now match our building, which is red with white trim.

This project was made possible by the Governor Wentworth Arts Council and local donors.  Thank you!