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Eastern Lakes Region Coalition for Healthy Families Forum

i Nov 21st by

Last night we had the opportunity to speak about the KYC at the Eastern Lakes Region Coalition for Healthy Families Forum.  Six of our members did a great job telling the audience about why they go to the KYC.   Zachary explained a two fold philosophy guiding the KYC’s approach to substance misuse prevention: specific programs discussing the dangers of substances; and continually offering a safe, positive place where youth can discover passions and interests and form positive peer-to-peer and adult-to-youth relationships.  Our passions and interests help us to choose to be substance free and our positive relationships provide us with the support needed to stick with our good  choices.














We heard from many interesting presenters while we waited for our turn.














Zachary introduced the KYC, talking about our substance misuse prevention programs.














Each of our members introduced themselves and spoke about why they come to the KYC and what they like about the KYC.  Members said they enjoy hanging out with friends, playing outside, playing games, field trips, hiking, overnights, Camp Sentinel, computers, food, and more.  Members said they come to the KYC because:

“so I can have a place to just be around my friends;”

“I go to the KYC because it is a place where you can hang out and meet friends, eat good food, and have a great place to do homework as well;”

“The first time I came I had a lot of fun.  We get to go on hikes and trips and try new things.”

“I go to the KYC to hang out with friend and be myself;”

“The reason I go to the KYC is because people are nice to me and the staff is really nice;”

“The KYC is a good place for me to be myself.”

Thank you so much to the six KYC members who participated in this event and to all of the community members who made it possible.