Gardening with Life Ministries Food Pantry Garden

i May 26th by

The KYC adopted a garden bed at the Wolfeboro Community Garden, where fresh produce is grown for the Life Ministries Food Pantry. We are so excited for this first-time experience and got to work on it this week! Shelly treated us to snacks; veggies to represent the fresh food we will be harvesting soon!

Career Exploration: Piscataqua Landscaping!

i May 18th by

The biggest, most heartfelt thanks to Piscataqua Landscaping and Tree Service for such a great career exploration field trip! Rob, Kelly, and Paula treated the group to refreshments, a wonderful tour, questions and answers, inspiration, and a hands-on activity! We learned how to create a beautiful container display and got to take them home to enjoy all summer. We can’t thank you enough for your warmth and hospitality!

Team Talent Night

i May 18th by

We held a Team Talent Night last week! Teams were given a list of “talents” to present and about 30 minutes to prepare. Then, we held the Talent Show! It was funny, heartfelt, and so creative! What a great evening with great teens!

“How Your Brain Works” Series

i May 10th by

Last week KYC volunteer Donna began a series of mini-lessons with our students. “How Your Brain Works; Techniques for Managing Stress,” will give our teens guidance and specific ways to handle everyday stressors. We can’t wait to learn more! Thank you, Donna!


KYC’s 2022 Prom!

i May 10th by
Guess what last Wednesday was? KYC MINI PROM! Did you ever think prom could be planned and executed in one week? Well, we are here to tell you it’s possible! It all started with a box of beautiful gowns donated to the KYC last week and well… you know how the story goes! Teens had a great time dressing up, socializing, eating, taking pictures, and of course, dancing! We held a contest to earn the title of KYC Prom Protégé, where teens could choose to speak for one minute on their vision for a positive future. We had no idea that over 15 teens would stand up in front of a group of almost 40 to speak. We awarded one teen with the title of Prom Protégé; congrats Julie! The evening ended with dessert, tiaras, and a balloon drop! What a successful evening! Thank you to all the teens who helped plan our first ever Prom!

Movie Night at Wolfeboro Library!

i Apr 21st by

We had a great night at the @wolfeboro.public.library last night! Dinner and movie for our group of almost 30! Thank you to the library for the hospitality and letting us enjoy a screening of The Princess Bride!

Cheffing-It-Up and Woodworking!

i Apr 20th by

Yesterday we played “What Do You Meme?” which was hilarious! We also started some woodworking projects and did a baking activity with Diane. Students who participated were able to bring home a warm apple crisp to enjoy with their families. Cheffing-It-Up is a group favorite and it’s always exciting when we can offer it!

Spring Celebrations

i Apr 19th by

Last week was full of spring celebrations! We held an “Egg-scape Room” with a large group, where they had to follow clues (all egg puns!) to a sweet treat! We also had an egg hunt, and lots of fun spring themed games!

Getting Outside and Science Experiments!

i Apr 12th by

We made sure to get outside during the great weather we had yesterday! We also got to enjoy a science project that Shelly brought, and spring themed treats!


General Fun at the KYC!

i Apr 11th by

Last week we worked on finishing up our Global Art Project for Peace to send to Morocco soon. Shelly brought dirt themed activities for us- we started some seedlings, repotted and separated a plant, made ooblek, and overall had a great afternoon!

We also just recently discovered that we have a lot of KYC teens are good at, and enjoy, chess! So  we held a chess tournament, which was a tough competition!

We made gourmet pancakes for snack last week! You should have seen the creations these teens dreamt up. It’s always fun when we can offer Cheffing It Up!