Summer Programs Continue

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Last week we had perfect weather for our Wednesday summer program!  We caught up with friends, took a trip to the beach, and participated in a service project for the food pantry garden!  Students worked to make wood burnt signs to label the compost bins at the food pantry garden.  Nice work KYCers!

Tomorrow, July 10, we head to the White Mountains to offer ‘Trail Magic,’ random good deeds for folks hiking the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine!


Trivia with a Twist!

i Jun 10th by

The school year is winding down (don’t fret, we have a full schedule of summer programs!) and we are having fun wrapping the many programs we offer during after-school hours.  We played a fun trivia game to wrap up two of our mainstay programs: Life Skills and Substance Misuse Prevention.  In Life Skills, we help high school and middle schools learn crucial skills that will serve them throughout adulthood.  These skills range from cooking to applying for jobs and college.  Substance misuse prevention programs impart important information that will help teens make safe and healthy choices.  Students demonstrated lots of important knowledge during our two trivia games!

Here’s how it worked.  Corn hole boards labeled, A, B, C. and D were laid out on the lawn.  Zachary shouted multiple choice questions to the group.  Students answered the question by moving to the corresponding corn hole board.  Once the right answer was revealed, our volunteer took a shot at the board.  If he/she missed, whoever got the answer right got a small prize.  If he or she got it in, a student had to make a rebuttal shot.  If the rebuttal shot was a miss, no prize.  But if the rebuttal shot was successful, a big prize!

Egg Drop From Abenaki Tower

i Jun 6th by

Yesterday in BTAS! (beyond the afterschool) we took a trip to Abenaki Tower in Tuftonboro, for an egg drop.  Students worked in our afterschool program to ‘defend the egg!’  Padding, parachutes, balloons, and other creative, perspective means were used to ready students’ eggs for the plunge.  Amazingly, half of the eggs survived the big drop.  Nice work KYCers!

Perspectives on Prevention

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Each Wednesday at the KYC, we host a substance misuse prevention program.  It’s become a tradition to include a multi-week series titled, Perspectives on Prevention.  Through this program we invite guests from different backgrounds to speak on the topic of prevention.  Community members have been so kind to openly share their perspectives and experiences.  The lessons learned through this program help our students make good choices and help to combat substance misuse.

This year, the Perspectives on Prevention series ran eight weeks.

Week 1: We heard from our own volunteer, Valerie.  Valerie works as a nurse and has experience treating patients in a locked unit.

Week 2: We heard from a local man who is in long-term recovery.  Our guest spoke about the terrible troubles of his addiction, as well as the successes and triumphs of his recovery.

Week 3: We heard from a local man whose daughter struggled with addiction and is now in long-term recovery.  He gave an honest and compelling account of the struggles families go through when a family member is addicted and recovering.

Week 4: We heard from Michelle Peare, LDAC, from White Horse Addiction Center.  Peare spoke about the ways in which trained professional help people in recovery.  She provided insight into the struggles and challenges faced by people who are fighting addiction.

Week 5: We had two guests: Janet Williamson of Huggins Hospitals Emergency Department and Deputy Chief, Tom Zotti of Wolfeboro Fire and Rescue.  The pair provided the emergency response perspective.  They spoke to the dangers of overdoes and other substance-related medical emergencies.  They expressed frustration and sadness, stating that many of the same patients find themselves in repeated emergency situations due to their substance use.

Week 6: We got a crucial perspective from our own high school and middle school students.  Students explained reasons why they think some of their peers make the poor choice to turn to substances.  They explained their tactics for saying ‘no’ and keeping their friends safe.

Week 7: We heard from Chief Dean Rondeau of the Wolfeboro Police Department.  Chief Rondeau provided the law enforcement perspective, speaking to the dangers and legal repercussions of substance use.

Week 8:  We heard from our good friend, Eric Moran, CRSW of White Horse Addiction Center.  He explained how he went from a life of addiction to his current role as the manager of two peer recovery support centers.

Thank you to everyone who provided their perspective!  Here’s a few of the pics!

Summer Programs Throwback Thursday

i May 30th by

All summer long the KYC will be offering full day summer programs each Wednesday!  Last year we had a ton of fun in our summer program.  Here’s a picture from our swim with Chucky Rosa!  This summer we swim with him again!

Baby Shower for Mara!

i May 28th by

We had a problem with some of the photos.  Excuse the upside down pics!   

Our Teen Director, Mara and her family are expecting a new baby boy, due this summer!  We are very excited for Mara and her family and we look forward to welcoming her back in the fall!

Here at the KYC, youth, volunteers, staff, and parents joined forces to plan a surprise baby shower for Mara.  It was very tricky to keep it a secrete, as Mara tends to know what’s going on around the KYC.  However, we completely surprised her!

During April Vacation, a group of seven teens and three adults joined forces to prep for the event.  We made decorations, made blankets for Mara’s new baby and her 3-year-old, organized donated gifts, and made all other plans.  We had to be quick as this was our only chance to meet without Mara knowing!  













Nice work, it really was a surprise!













Some wonderful decorations were donated.  Thank you!













We ordered her a custom cake!













There were even gifts!













Thank you to everyone who helped put on this fun event and congratulations Mara!



A Hike to Caverly Mountain

i May 9th by

Spring is here!  Yesterday in our BTAS! program, we took a hike to Caverly Mountain in New Durham.  What a great evening!  











Our group ready to go!












Steadily making our way up!  












One student leading the pack!











A beaver dam along the way.












Well done KYCers!  You worked hard for this one!












A rest before heading back!

Yoga at the KYC!

i May 7th by

This year, we have offered several yoga classes here at the KYC.  We are very proud to be sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with local youth! 












Instructional videos have allowed us to practice right in our Center.












We’ve learned that yoga can be really relaxing!












It’s a great way to have fun with friends!












Abbey, a local instructor even visited our Center to teach a class.  Thanks Abbey!













Then she returned for an outdoor class!












We’d say practice is paying off!


BBQ Fundraiser for the KYC May 18!

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We’re Still Experimenting!

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Our Monday afternoons we host Science Cafe with our volunteer scientist Shelly.  Yesterday we asked, “what happens if you put ivory soap in the microwave?” (Don’t worry, it’s safe as long as you’re careful not to get burned).  

It Turns to foam! 


When heated, air inside the soap expands and water in the soap vaporizes.  These processes cause gases to push on the soap, which has been softened by the heat.  Soap that is microwaved can expand to six times is original size!