Saying ‘No’ With Eric!

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Yesterday our volunteer from White Horse Addiction Center, Eric Moran, CRSW gave us some important tips for saying no to drugs.  Over the past few weeks we have been learning about the dangers of various substances.  Once equip with so many reasons for saying no, it was important to practice!  Eric reiterated the importance of making good choices and talked a bit about his own mistakes.  He gave some tips for being assertive in standing behind good choices.  Then he gave participants a chance to practice.

















Eric is at the KYC each Wednesday afternoon.














Saying ‘no’ to Eric!














Thanks Eric and White Horse Addiction Center for all you do for the KYC!

Skills for a Lifetime!

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A favorite program here at the KYC is our Skills for a Lifetime program.  This important program addresses employment, education, hobbies, adventure and travel,  relationships, and the ‘nuts and bolts,’ those specific skills that help adults succeed.  On Thursday, our volunteer, Estelle helped us start thinking about higher education.  Estelle has devoted her career to helping young people along their educational path.  Thanks Estelle!














We talked a bit about how as an adult, one can often earn a much better living if they have education and training beyond high school.  It’s not always college, there are many ways to get trained to perform important jobs.  Students need to plan ahead, so that they have an idea of what is available to them and how to obtain it.














Students took turns reading definitions to help their peers gain familiarity surrounding these topics.  Students learned about the FAFSA, loans, grants, work study, scholarships, and other financial aid.  We talked about the different types of training and education that is available after high school.

Our goal is to help KYCers live more fulfilling and productive lives by teaching them skills that will help them excel!

Cheffing-it-Up and Game Night

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Yesterday we offered Cheffing-it-Up and then a game night.


















Making Gluten Free Brownies for dessert!














And cupcakes!














For dinner, we made pizza from scratch!














A group worked on a puzzle during game night.


















Indoor cornhole!


















Arm wrestling!  We also played trial pursuit and buzzword.

Making Music

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Did you know that the KYC offers free music lessons every week?  Each Thursday, Mike from Wolfeboro Institute of the Arts (WIA) offers lessons to any KYCers who want to learn.  Students can choose drums, guitar, piano, and more!


















Mike instructing a talented pupil on her electric guitar!














Jamming on drums and piano!


















Acoustic guitar performance!


Thank you Mike and WIA for these great programs.  Every Thursday, the KYC sounds great!

Overnight to Camp Sentinel!

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Over school vacation, we offered an overnight to Camp Sentinel.  We’ll let the pictures do the talking.


















Brandon, who also works in our afterschool program, served as our host!  Big thank you to Camp Sentinel for hosting 15 of us and providing great food and comfortable accommodations.














Gaga ball is a favorite at the KYC.  Sentinel had a pit set up inside!  It was wonderful to play in the warmth of Sentinel’s lodge.














We enjoyed sharing sessions, hot chocolate, and games around the fire!














The view from the Oak Hill Ledges is hard to beat!  What a privilege to see it on a clear winter day!


















Sentinel’s warm and comfortable lodge is a great place to relax with friends.  Isn’t that was school vacation’s all about?














The group enjoyed a morning snowshoe to Dan Hole Pond!  What a nice winter day!


















We even finished a puzzle!


















Foosball in the lodge.


















An evening movie!


















Thank you Camp Sentinel and all who joined us!

Presidential Trivia!

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One of our traditions here at the KYC is to host a Presidential Trivia game each presidents day.  We had a lot of fun testing our knowledge in the after-school program yesterday.  Give it a shot!  Answers are at the bottom!

A. Who is the current President?
B. Who was the first President?
C. Which President is pictured on the $20 Bill?
D. Which President was nicknamed, Ike? 
E. Who was the only President from NH?
F. How many Presidents have died in office?
G. How many living U.S Presidents are there?
H. Who was the only President to resign during office?
I. Which President served in office for the shortest duration?
J. Which served for the longest duration?
K. Who was the only President to serve non-consecutive terms?
L. Who is the President of the KYC’s Board of Directors?
The answers!
A. Who is the current President?  Donald Trump  
B. Who was the first President?  George Washington
C. Which President is pictured on the $20 Bill?  Andrew Jackson
D. Which President was nicknamed, Ike?  Dwight Eisenhower
E. Who was the only President from NH?  Franklin Pierce
F. How many Presidents have died in office? Eight
G. How many living U.S Presidents are there?  Five
H. Who was the only President to resign during office?  Richard Nixon
I. Which President served in office for the shortest duration?  William Harrison
J. Which served for the longest duration?  Franklin D Roosevelt
K. Who was the only President to serve non-consecutive terms?  Grover Cleveland
L. Who is the President of the KYC’s Board of Directors?  Barbara Lobdell
How’d you do?


Throwback Thursday (Valentine’s Day Edition)

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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  Here’s some pics from Valentine’s Past!



Science with Shelly

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Thank you to our volunteer, Shelly for a very fun day yesterday!  Shelly offered magnet experiments, home-made stress balls, and fresh baked Valentine’s Day brownies!  We also offered woodworking and card making!















Participants work on multiple projects in our art area!


















Shelly helps a student experiment.















Thanks Shelly for the seasonal treat!


















Happy Valentine’s Day!

Soup’s on! Knights Against Hunger Empty Bowls Fundraiser.

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Yesterday, in our BTAS! program we made a home-made butternut squash bisque to contribute to the Knight’s Against Hunger Empty Bowls Fundraiser.

The Fundraiser will be held on Friday, February 8 at 5:00 PM in the KRHS cafeteria.  A handmade bowl including unlimited soup and bread is available between $15 and $25.  Soup and bread is available for $5.  It will be fun and delicious.  Check it out!

A KYC member told us about this fundraiser and we chose to make an evening of it!  What a fun night!


















Zachary started by demonstrating some basic knife skills to prepare us for our culinary responsibilities!














Next, the students put their skills to the test.  Students made Mirepoix (onion, carrots, and celery).


















Students worked to peel and cut the squash.


















After we seasoned the soup to perfection, we pureed the cooked mix.


















Thanks Knights Against Hunger all you do.  We’re happy to be involved in this fun event!


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Yesterday we offered a series of egg games!














Egg science with Shelly.


















Egg vacuum with Zachary and Mara!














Students got lots of time to experiment!














Egg on spoon relay on snowshoes!


















Defend the egg!  An egg drop competition!


















Students were challenged to help their egg survive the plunge!