Last Week of Summer Programs!

i Sep 1st by
Yesterday was Giant Jenga and prepping for our Chili Challenge fundraiser! Thanks so much to our KYC teens and our volunteer Diane for all of the help! Our fundraiser will be Sept 25th at Foss Field under the pavilion from 11:30-2:30. We would love to see you there!
Recently we rode bikes to the beach, played some guitar, enjoyed a campfire, and played games! A KYC’er led us in a fun new game around the campfire, while we roasted marshmallows. It’s so great to see KYC teens take ownership and pride in leading games and activities.

A Few Of Our Favorite Things!

i Aug 26th by

We think the KYC would have to consider the game Nukem to be the #1 game at the KYC this last year! It gets pretty competitive! Plus, this week we played another favorite called Fishbowl! Lots of laughing! Also, did you know we’ve been offering teens and their families garden fresh produce this summer? We’ve collaborated with the Wolfeboro Food Pantry garden, and they have generously donated so much fresh produce to the KYC. We also have our own small garden which produces some delicious tomatoes!


Aviation Archaeological Expedition

i Aug 25th by
Yesterday we hiked Belknap Mt. with a great group of teens! At the top there was a wooden fire tower, which was fun to explore. Then, a KYC teen led a Mindfulness practice for the whole group, which was a great setting to really appreciate and notice our surroundings. After that we hiked down to check out the site of a plane crash from the 1970’s! Then we went to Alton Bay to cool off and enjoy the awesome dock there! Both staff made sure to jump in as well, which is becoming an annual end-of-summer-break tradition. One more week of summer programs to go, then we will gear up for our after school program!

A Visit to Lakes Region Human Society

i Aug 25th by

Last week we visited the Lakes Region Humane Society to socialize with the cats and the rabbit they have right now! Petting and interacting with animals is shown to be therapeutic; it can reduce boredom, improve mood and general well being, increase activity, AND reduce screen time. We were lucky enough to snuggle and pet these gentle animals for an afternoon.


Swimming with Chucky Rosa!

i Aug 19th by

We had such a fun, busy, and meaningful day in Seabrook yesterday! First, we swam with Chuckys Fight in the name of substance misuse prevention. Then we got to visit his farm (pigs! goats! chickens! ducks! veggies!), and some students got a boxing lesson from professional trainer New England Cavalry. After that we spent the afternoon relaxing back at the beach, exploring tide pools, chatting, swimming, and snacking. This is the KYC’s 4th trip down to Seabrook to swim with Chucky! Also thanks to Eric from White Horse Recovery for driving down and joining us! All in all, it was a perfect summer day!


A Visit To Lakes Region Community College (plus Weirs Beach!)

i Aug 5th by

We visited Lakes Region Community College on Tuesday! We got to tour the facility, see campus living, and learned a lot about this great option! We ended the day at Weirs Beach and had so much fun!


Hello August!

i Aug 4th by

We kicked off the start of August with some of our favorite things! Art projects, gaga ball, a great dinner, and movie night (with theater style popcorn, of course). We were lucky enough to have a visit from one of our board members, Jim, who is a retired art teacher! We hope the beginning of August is going as well for you as it is for us!

Volunteering at the Food Pantry Garden

i Jul 29th by

On Tuesday, KYC teens lent a hand and worked at the Wolfeboro Food Pantry Garden 🪴 Shelly, long time volunteer at the KYC, also spends her time volunteering to help run this garden! We weeded, helped lay down tiles to keep weeds out, harvested veggies, and watered! Shelly was kind enough to treat us to ice cream after 🍦 And another swim in the lake was needed to cool off! ☀️ Another super fun and productive summer program!




Monday Program at the KYC!

i Jul 28th by

A swim at Albee to cool off on Monday was just what we needed after playing gaga ball and fundraising in town! We ended the evening with a delicious dinner and some group games!

Night Games, Light Games

i Jul 22nd by

Indoor electric s’mores?! Yes please! Monday’s program was Night Games, Light Games! We played Night at the Museum, Mafia, watched a show, lit sparklers once it got darker, and cooked up some s’mores! We love our Monday night summer programs (let’s be honest, we love ALL of our programs!)!!!!!