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i Jan 27th by

Last week we continued our ‘Career Spotlight’ series with an interview with our volunteer, Valerie!  So far we’ve heard from Zachary, Mara, Eric from White Horse Recovery, and Valerie.  These short programs help show KYCers how different successful career paths can look.  The wonderful thing about getting older and having the opportunity to make more individual choices is the chance to shape our own destinies.  Looking at individual careers demonstrates how interests, qualifications, capabilities, and circumstances culminate in different stories.

Did you know that Valerie’s first job was at McDonald’s?  She’s a nurse who has worked in a trauma unit, open-heart surgery, schools and much more.  She’s studied nursing, education, nutrition, psychology, and special education.  We sure are lucky that Valerie shares her talents in experiences in her role as one of the KYC’s weekly program volunteers!  Thanks Valerie!