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Career Month Continues with a Visit from Community Landscape Company

i May 16th by

It’s career month at the KYC!  Last week we learned about the restaurant business at Garwoods Restaurant .  Yesterday we learned about the landscaping business from Community Landscape Company .














After making our property look beautiful, our guest speaker, Harry provided an inside look at the business.  Harry noted a few key advantages to getting into the industry: you get to spend time outdoors; entry level positions are available with opportunities for growth; there’s lots of work available; there are entrepreneurial opportunities for ambitious individuals who want to start their own companies.














We took a look at some of the tools of the trade.  These mowers get the job done for many customers in the community, including the KYC.  Harry is on a mow crew, which makes for a very busy summer!


















Other tools of the trade: Weed whackers and a blower.   A close look at the equipment gave us a feel for what it’s like on the job.














A Ford F-350 with a dump bed and trailer is used to transport the hard-workers, the tools, and the materials around our community.  Despite the fact that it was a nice spring day, we also talked about the plowing and snow-removal aspects of the business.














Key take-aways: Harry has been in the business for over ten years and says that he loves the job!  Harry says, “two of the most important attributes of a good landscape team-member are hard work and willingness to learn and take direction.”  When you’re a landscaper you spend your days working hard outside.  When you finish a job you get the immediate gratification of leaving your customer’s property looking beautiful.

Thank you Harry, Community Landscape Company Owner, Phil, and everyone at Community Landscape Company for giving us a glimpse into your business and for working everyday to make our community more beautiful.  To learn more about Community Landscape Company, please check out their website

Next week, we learn about careers in banking from TD Bank!