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BTAS! Tumbledown Dick Mountain Hike

i Mar 29th by

Yesterday in BTAS! (beyond the after school)  we took a hike to Tumbledown Dick Mountain in Brookfield.  What a nice day!  Spring might finally be here! Scroll down for photos and directions to the mountain.














A warm afternoon!  The trail starts as a woods road.


















Another indicator of spring: the road was wet and muddy!  Our Boggs boots did well.


















We continued uphill to reach the road that ascends to the summit.














Our group at the summit viewpoint!  Nice work KYCers.














Back to the bus as the sun was setting.  A great evening out.  To try this hike, check out the route description below.

Tumbledown Dick Mountain (Brookfield)

Altitude: 1,147 feet

This mountain is located in Brookfield, not far from the Wolfeboro and New Durham town lines.

Driving Directions: From Rt. 28, just south of Kingswood High School and Middle School take Pleasant Valley Road to its end, 3.8 mi. from Rt. 28.

Parking: There is a small pull off with room for a few cars.  Respect private property and any signs.

Distance: 0.77 mi.

Route Description:  From the end of the maintained road, continue straight, ignoring a gated road leaving to the right.  At 0.13 mi., reach a three-way intersection.  Take the woods road leaving to the right and continue downhill.  This road is often muddy and wet.  The base of the hill is at 0.37 mi. and is often flooded.  Continue uphill to the height of land at 0.6 mi.  Turn left off the main road onto a rougher road headed uphill (marked by a cairn).  Follow this steeper road uphill, climbing some gentle ledges and reach the summit at 0.77 mi.  The summit ledges provide nice views south to Copple Crown, Moose Mountain, and the hills near Merrymeeting Lake.  There are limited views west to Alton Bay and the Belknap Mountains.