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BTAS! Sunset Hike to Moody Mountain!

i Oct 12th by

BTAS! (beyond the after school) programs continued last night with a sunset fall hike to Moody Mountain.  Moody Mountain is the highest point in the town of Wolefboro.  Near the summit there is a small cabin, which is open to the public.  At the end of our afterschool program, we had an early dinner of pizza before heading out for our evening hike.  We enjoyed hot chocolate and some nice views near the cabin.

Preparing our pizza dinner to fuel us for the evening hike.  Homemade dough, made with stone-ground wheat flour…delicious and nutritious.

Making our way up the access road to the cabin.  It’s starting to really feel like fall!

Looking through the log book in the cabin.  We looked back and found several of our other entries from past KYC trips.

Our group at the cabin…a great group and a very cool spot.

One last photo before heading down to beat darkness.  A great outing with the KYC.