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BTAS! Snowshoe

i Jan 11th by

Yesterday we hosted a twilight snowshoe as a BTAS! (beyond the after school) program.  What a fun winter night!

Tons of snow behind the KYC!  Good thing we have a fleet of snowshoes!

Geared up with warm clothes, snowshoes, and head-lamps, we were ready to hit the trail!

We left from our own backyard.  We all appreciated that it was a fairly mild night!

We started by breaking trail in the deep snow on our own trail.  Our members helped to build the nature trail behind the KYC.

Next, we reached the Cotton Valley Rail Trail.  Walking got easier as the trail is well packed by other snowshoers, skiers, and snowmobiles.  We were still glad to have our snowshoes for stability and traction.

Afterwards we returned to the KYC to warm up and eat desert!  What a fun night!  Thanks for participating everyone!  We snowshoe again on Friday, January 19th!