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BTAS! During Holiday Break!

i Jan 3rd by

During holiday break, we hosted two full days of BTAS! (beyond the afterschool) programs!














We played a New Year’s Resolution game.  We started by talking about goal setting and New Years resolutions.  Then, we each wrote one Resolution on a piece of paper.  Mara and Zachary drew resolutions, read them off, and challenged members to guess who they belonged to.  Lots of fun!














We worked on wish flags.  Many people who visit the center notice the wish flags on our wall.  We worked to make sure the flags reflect our current members’ wishes.














We went sledding at the Nick.  Cold weather made for a fast ride!














We played games, including Risk, Wii, and Fort Wars.  A great way to spend a cold vacation day!














We practiced our job interviewing skills in a fun and informative life-skills activity.

















We socialized with rescue animals (including this energetic rat terrier!) at the Lakes Region Humane Society.














What great ways to spend a couple of winter vacation days!  If you know a KRHS or KRMS who missed out on the fun, check out our BTAS! schedule to learn more!