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Baby Shower for Mara!

i May 28th by

We had a problem with some of the photos.  Excuse the upside down pics!   

Our Teen Director, Mara and her family are expecting a new baby boy, due this summer!  We are very excited for Mara and her family and we look forward to welcoming her back in the fall!

Here at the KYC, youth, volunteers, staff, and parents joined forces to plan a surprise baby shower for Mara.  It was very tricky to keep it a secrete, as Mara tends to know what’s going on around the KYC.  However, we completely surprised her!

During April Vacation, a group of seven teens and three adults joined forces to prep for the event.  We made decorations, made blankets for Mara’s new baby and her 3-year-old, organized donated gifts, and made all other plans.  We had to be quick as this was our only chance to meet without Mara knowing!  













Nice work, it really was a surprise!













Some wonderful decorations were donated.  Thank you!













We ordered her a custom cake!













There were even gifts!













Thank you to everyone who helped put on this fun event and congratulations Mara!