Share a Joke!

i Jan 28th by

Yesterday we hosted ‘share a joke!’ in the after school program!

What do you call an alligator in a vest?

An investigator!


When it comes to procrastination; don’t even get me started!


I was going to tell a construction joke…

but I’m still working on it!


How do you know graveyards are popular?

because people are dying to get in!


These and many more were shared by our KYCer’s yesterday!

Career Spotlight

i Jan 27th by

Last week we continued our ‘Career Spotlight’ series with an interview with our volunteer, Valerie!  So far we’ve heard from Zachary, Mara, Eric from White Horse Recovery, and Valerie.  These short programs help show KYCers how different successful career paths can look.  The wonderful thing about getting older and having the opportunity to make more individual choices is the chance to shape our own destinies.  Looking at individual careers demonstrates how interests, qualifications, capabilities, and circumstances culminate in different stories.

Did you know that Valerie’s first job was at McDonald’s?  She’s a nurse who has worked in a trauma unit, open-heart surgery, schools and much more.  She’s studied nursing, education, nutrition, psychology, and special education.  We sure are lucky that Valerie shares her talents in experiences in her role as one of the KYC’s weekly program volunteers!  Thanks Valerie!

Mindfulness at the KYC

i Jan 22nd by

Yesterday we hosted a yoga class, which served as an introduction to a series on mindfulness here at the KYC.  In February, we will host “Mindfulness Mondays,” during which we will explore mindfulness concepts, meditation, and yoga.  We can all benefit from turning to mindfulness concepts as we grapple with the challenges and stimuli of our busy and ever-electronically-connected lives.  We look forward to embracing these benefits at the KYC!

Thank You Festival of Trees Commitee

i Jan 16th by

Everyone at the KYC would like to say a huge thank you to the Festival of Trees Committee!  The KYC was one of three non-profit beneficiaries of the 2019 event.  Proceeds from the event will support the purchase of a new shuttle bus for the KYC.  The KYC bus gives local youth the opportunity to serve our community, take advantage of local attractions, see other parts of our state, visit colleges and businesses, and enjoy the natural beauty of our region; these are opportunities that many of these students may not otherwise have.

Gettin’ Outside!

i Jan 16th by

Kingswood Youth Center’s members, staff, and volunteers never shy away from getting outside, even during these dark and cold months. Throughout the last few weeks we have made great use of the equipment we have, and the areas surrounding the KYC!

Last week a group of KYC’ers hopped on the bus and took a five minute drive to The Nick. We went sledding and even snowshoed TO the sledding hill!

This week a few of us strapped on snowshoes and checked out the KYC trail, which is a short loop we made on our property! We practiced following trail blazes, and navigated some short and steep inclines, ice, and even a small wooden plank! The KYC’ers did an amazing job, and didn’t fall once! We hooked into the Cotton Valley trail as well, and trekked to a small bridge, with a beautiful view of Lake Wentworth.

The KYC provides snow-pants, coats, winter boots, hats, and gloves for members to borrow. There is no reason for us to not get outside and play! See you outside!

The KYC Presents: The Butterfly Circus!

i Jan 8th by

On Monday we showed one of the KYC’s favorite inspirational videos: The Butterfly Circus!  It’s only a little over 22 min. and absolutely worth watching.  Click the title to go to YouTube for full screen.  Enjoy!

Tumbledown and Santa’s Hut!

i Dec 30th by

Last week the KYC hosted a BTAS! program, where we went on a beautiful hike, and then got into the holiday spirit with a visit to Santa’s Hut and a fun gift exchange game!

The weather was beautiful, which put everyone in a particularly cheerful mood. At the top of Tumbledown Mountain in Brookfield, we basked in the warm sun and beautiful views! After the hike, we visited Santa and Mrs. Clause, who added to the holiday spirit! Back at the youth center, we ate a delicious dinner, watched a movie and played a game. We all had wrapped gifts, and Zachary read aloud the poem, “T’was The Night Before Christmas.” Every time the word “the,” was mentioned, we had to pass our gift to the left. And every time the word “all” was mentioned, we passed to the right. We made it even more complicated by placing a blindfold on one participant! Lots of laughter and confusion ensued… and then we opened our gifts!

We hope everyone is enjoying their winter break, and we can’t wait to see you all when the after school program resumes this Thursday. Happy Holidays, and see you next year!

Spreading Cheer

i Dec 17th by

Throughout December participants have been working hard to make holiday cards for KYC supporters (we didn’t even come close to getting everyone)!  Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who support the KYC.

As if the opportunity to spread holiday cheer wasn’t enough of a reward itself, we rewarded those students who made cards by entering their name in a daily prize drawing.  Many students won candy through these drawings!

Last week we took a short field trip to spread cheer!  We visited just a few of the businesses who support the KYC.  Happy Holidays!

Holiday Help’n Out!

i Dec 9th by

Our Saturday program focused on one thing: Christmas trees!  The KYC is one of three non-profit beneficiaries for the Wolfeboro Festival of Trees.  Thank you Festival of Trees committee!  In the afternoon, we toured the museum, enjoyed some wonderful live music, and helped to serve cookies and punch to patrons.  However, first we spent the morning selling Christmas trees for the Rotary Club of Wolfeboro.  The money raised through the trees sales will fund scholarships for Kingswood students!  Between our fun holiday obligations, we grabbed pizza at Anthony’s.  What a great Saturday out with the KYC!  Happy Holidays!

Prevention and Spreading Cheer!

i Dec 5th by

We had a fun day in our afterschool and BTAS! programs yesterday!  Eric and Zachary presented some important information focusing on cocaine awareness.  We talked a bit about the difference between a depressant and a stimulant and a student correctly identified cocaine as a stimulant.  Zachary talked about the basics and Eric covered some of the current trends related to the dangers of cocaine.

We are working on making holiday cards for the KYC’s many generous supporters!  Students who make thoughtful handmade cards will be entered in a prize drawing during our afterschool program.  We look forward to ‘spreading cheer’ later in the month when we hand out these cards!  Happy Holidays!