More Halloween Fun!

i Nov 2nd by

The Halloween fun continues! We had a Halloween party, carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds! It’s such a fun time of year and we sure take advantage of it!

Kingswood Spook Center

i Nov 1st by

KYC teens did a fantastic job hosting the Kingswood Spook Center, a Halloween themed evening for elementary aged children! Teens led children through games, where they earned tickets they could exchange for prizes! Face painting, popcorn, and plenty of yummy snacks were part of the fun as well! Our teens ended the night enjoying an extra special dessert made by our wonderful volunteer, Diane. Thanks to all who helped out at the event, and to everyone who came to enjoy the fun! We are already looking forward to hosting it for our 4th year next Oct!


Wednesday Programs at the KYC!

i Oct 13th by

On Wednesdays, teens are welcome to stay at the KYC later into the evening. We have dinner together and a focused activity. One recent Wednesday we hosted an Egg Drop Competition, where teens were challenged to create a contraption with an uncooked egg in the middle. Then, they dropped the contraption/egg from a high point and checked to see if the egg was still intact! We went to Abenaki Tower to test our skills! Only one person walked away with an unscathed egg! What a fun evening… and that view was spectacular! (And don’t worry, we cleaned up all of our trash from the competition!)

Another recent Wednesday program was full of a lot of different activities! We did some team building games, finished an art project we have been working on (more on that later!) and baked really cool, festive cookies with Diane! We love having longer programs on Wednesdays! It means MORE TIME FOR FUN!

Kingswood Spook Center

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A Visit to Lakes Region Humane Society!

i Oct 4th by

One of our favorite outings is a visit to Lakes Region Humane Society, where we get to socialize with the animals! Last visit, we played with Bagel and Jack, two very sweet cats! There were also some adorable kittens we got to play with! @lrhs_pets_and_friends

KYC Helps out with White Horse Recover’s “Rev For Recovery” Fundraiser!

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The KYC was invited to lead games at White Horse Recovery’s Rev for Recovery fundraiser. Teens did a great job running the stations and representing the youth center. We love getting involved in the community and are grateful we had the opportunity! @the_white_horse_recovery

Another Successful Chili Challenge!

i Sep 27th by

KYC’s 13th Annual Chili Challenge was an absolute success! We sold more tickets than ever before! Thanks to all who showed their support through sponsoring, making chili, volunteering, donating auction items, and/or coming to the event! This couldn’t be the success it is without YOU! And it’s all to support our extremely deserving 7th-12th graders who participate in our programs. WINNERS: JUDGE’S CHOICE. 1st place- Scouts Troop 165. 2nd- Spice Girls. 3rd- B’s Express Mart. PEOPLE’S CHOICE: 1st- Katie’s Kitchen. 2nd- Troop 165. 3rd- Chili Riders!


KYC’s 13th Annual Chili Challenge!

i Sep 13th by

KYC Swims with Chucky’s Fight

i Sep 12th by

We took our annual dip  in the name of substance misuse prevention with the one and only Chucky Rosa of @chuckysfight! Our trip to NH Seacoast was beautiful and meaningful, as we swam in the ocean to remember lives lost to substances and to encourage others to make good choices. Thanks to all the teens who joined us, and to Chucky and Mary Rosa for hosting us! It was a great August program, before we got back to school!

A Hike Up Bayle Mountain!

i Aug 29th by

Last week we hiked Bayle Mountain in Ossipee, followed by a quick swim to cool off! Great job, teens! It wasn’t easy but you did it!