Thanksgiving At the KYC!

i Nov 28th by

Last week, we continued a KYC tradition by hosting a Thanksgiving dinner.  This year, we did things a little differently and hosted the event in the evening so that families could attend!

We worked together to prepare the feast.  Food was provided by generous local donors and the NH Food Bank.  Thank you!

We also worked together to set up for the event.  In team creations, we made some very nice center pieces!

Great work KYCers, the Center looked great!

Before eating, we hosted a ‘U-Tell-Us’ segment, in which we all shared the things for which we are thankful!  KYCers were thankful for friends, family, and many other things that are important in their lives!

On the menu!: Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, corn, green beans, home-made decorated cupcakes, and pumpkin and pudding pie!

What a fun (and delicious!) evening at the KYC!  Thank you to everyone who helped out.  We hope that all of our friends in the community had a great Thanksgiving!  Thank you so much to our volunteers and supporters!

Eastern Lakes Region Coalition for Healthy Families Forum

i Nov 21st by

Last night we had the opportunity to speak about the KYC at the Eastern Lakes Region Coalition for Healthy Families Forum.  Six of our members did a great job telling the audience about why they go to the KYC.   Zachary explained a two fold philosophy guiding the KYC’s approach to substance misuse prevention: specific programs discussing the dangers of substances; and continually offering a safe, positive place where youth can discover passions and interests and form positive peer-to-peer and adult-to-youth relationships.  Our passions and interests help us to choose to be substance free and our positive relationships provide us with the support needed to stick with our good  choices.














We heard from many interesting presenters while we waited for our turn.














Zachary introduced the KYC, talking about our substance misuse prevention programs.














Each of our members introduced themselves and spoke about why they come to the KYC and what they like about the KYC.  Members said they enjoy hanging out with friends, playing outside, playing games, field trips, hiking, overnights, Camp Sentinel, computers, food, and more.  Members said they come to the KYC because:

“so I can have a place to just be around my friends;”

“I go to the KYC because it is a place where you can hang out and meet friends, eat good food, and have a great place to do homework as well;”

“The first time I came I had a lot of fun.  We get to go on hikes and trips and try new things.”

“I go to the KYC to hang out with friend and be myself;”

“The reason I go to the KYC is because people are nice to me and the staff is really nice;”

“The KYC is a good place for me to be myself.”

Thank you so much to the six KYC members who participated in this event and to all of the community members who made it possible.

Throwback Thursday!

i Nov 16th by

Thanksgiving is only a week away!  Next Tu, we will celebrate thanksgiving here at the KYC with a home-made Thanksgiving Dinner!

Below is a picture from last year’s Thanksgiving meal at the KYC!

Night Hike to Tumbledown Mountain

i Nov 15th by

Yesterday we took a twilight hike to Tumble Down Mountain in Brookfield.  A fun BTAS! program with a great group of teens!










We had a home-made pizza dinner before we left!








We set off in the dark, equip with flash lights and headlamps.










A little snow and mud made the trip up just a bit more challenging.








Our group on the summit!  Our view included nearby shadowy peaks, the final residual light from sunset, and lights coming from nearby residential areas.  Great hike with the KYC!

Overnight to Camp Sentinel!

i Nov 9th by

The KYC just returned from an overnight trip to Camp Sentinel in Tuftonboro!  What a fun time.  Thank you so much to Camp Sentinel for hosting us!

On the way up, we stopped at Abnaki Tower!

A very cool firetower in Tuftonboro!

Are those ants down there?..nope, the’re our KYC members.

We stopped at the Castle in the Clouds grounds and saw the giant trout!…

…and goats…

…and the horses.

This is where the girls stayed.  Warm rooms and comfy beds!

Brandon, who works at Camp Sentinel and in our after-school program made us a delicious dinner!  (and breakfast too).

We played a fun game of nukem.

We had a campfire with marshmallows.

We did skits in the lodge.

After breakfast we took a morning hike to the Oak Hill ledges.

Thank you to everyone at Camp Sentinel for a great trip!


Red Ribbon Week Theme Contest

i Nov 7th by

We were proud to celebrate Red Ribbon Week in 2015, 2016, and 2017.  In 2016 and 2017 we used the national campaign slogans as themes for our own activities.  The slogan for 2016, “YOLO!” (you only live once) and the slogan for 2017, “your future is key, so stay drug-free!,” were both created by students in a national contest to choose a theme.  Following Red Ribbon Week, we challenged ourselves to come up with a catchy and meaningful theme for 2018.

Members of our Teen Council explained the challenge and led groups in devising a theme.

Step One: Brainstorming at the drawing board.

At the art table creating a visual to accompany the slogan.

Our groups had lots of great ideas!

At the end we regrouped to presented our work.  We will revisit our ideas to finalize them for the December 1st deadline.  Who knows?, the entire nation may broadcaste a KYC member created slogan during Red Ribbon Week 2018!

Happy Halloween

i Nov 6th by

The crazy weather and power outages delayed trick-or-treating here in Wolfeboro, but it was worth the wait.    The KYC was out with our bus handing out treats, cake, and hot cocoa.  It was great to see so many community members out and about.    What a fun night!

Our set up!

Hot cocoa as we got ready.


We parked our van as the ‘base of operations.’

We thought cakes would be a unique treat.

We took some of our members trick-or-treating too!

There was even a fortune teller at one local business!

What a fun night in the community with the KYC!



Spooky Maze at Brown’s Ridge Family Farm!

i Nov 2nd by

Last Friday, a big group of us from the KYC helped out with the Spooky Maze at Brown’s Ridge Family Farm.  The event was hosted by the farm’s owners to benefit the Wolfeboro Food Pantry.  We worked in the maze as ‘scareers,’ helped direct the public, and helped out at the arts/crafts table.  We also got to tour the maze ourselves!

When we arrived we had a short period of daylight during which we were oriented to our responsibilities at the maze.

Brown’s Ridge Family Farm is a beautiful spot.  We visited with the many animals while waiting for the maze to start.

As nightfall approached the atmosphere became more and more spooky!

Folks were welcomed into this well decorated barn.  Arts and crafts were available and food and drinks were sold.  Those who dared could continue on to the maze.

We don’t have any pics from inside the maze…too dark, too spooky.  If you didn’t see it for yourself, you’ll have to check it out next fall.

Thanks Brown’s Ridge Family Farm for letting us be a part of this community event!

Red Ribbon Week 2017

i Oct 26th by

The KYC is proud to support Red Ribbon Week as one of the many things we do to combat substance abuse.  The Red Ribbon Campaign began in 1985 when DEA agent Kiki Camarena was killed by drug traffickers while working in Mexico City.  This tragedy is a potent indicator of the many ways that drugs can ruin lives.  The Red Ribbon is a symbol of ones commitment to a life free from drugs.  The KYC honors this tradition as a way to take a stand against substances.

This year’s Red Ribbon Week Slogan was: “Your future is key, so stay drug free!”  The KYC used this slogan, which was created by a student from Ohio, as a theme for our Red Ribbon Week Activities.

Each student was tasked with writing on two keys: one stating something they wanted for their future, which would be best supported by remaining drug free; and the other with their name.

The keys with names on them were placed in the front pouch of this locked bag.  At the culmination of the event a name was drawn and the recipient got a key to open the bag and redeem the mystery prize inside.

The keys with goals for the future were adhered to a giant Red Ribbon visual!

We enjoyed snack from our Red Ribbon cups!

Shelly helped us plant tulip bulbs for our “Plant The Promise” event.  These bulbs were provided by the Partnership for a Drug-Free NH.  We planted them during Red Ribbon Week, anticipating their bloom in April during National Alcohol Awareness Month.  This will remind us that our efforts against substance abuse are a continued process.

Presenting the bag and the key to the lucky winner!

The Mystery Prize: a box of Dunkin Donuts Doughnut Holes and a Dunkin Donuts gift certificate!

Our 2016 and 2017 Red Ribbon posters are proudly displayed in our entry way as a symbol of our commitment to substance abuse prevention!


Halloween Decorating Contest

i Oct 23rd by

This school year, we have begun offering Team Creations.  In this program members break into teams and are challenged with an open ended creative objective.  On Thursday we challenged members to make Halloween themed decorations or costumes.  At the end, we judged the work and chose a winner!

Getting started with recycled materials!

Groups searched the center to find creative ways to use our resources.

Coming along…

Incorporating nature.

Getting creative.

KYC branded!  Nice!

This group’s finished product.

This is what this team came up with.

A fun and creative costume from this group.

Outdoor decorations from this team of high- schoolers.

The winning group and their artwork!  Nice work everyone!