BTAS! Tumbledown Dick Mountain Hike

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Yesterday in BTAS! (beyond the after school)  we took a hike to Tumbledown Dick Mountain in Brookfield.  What a nice day!  Spring might finally be here! Scroll down for photos and directions to the mountain.














A warm afternoon!  The trail starts as a woods road.


















Another indicator of spring: the road was wet and muddy!  Our Boggs boots did well.


















We continued uphill to reach the road that ascends to the summit.














Our group at the summit viewpoint!  Nice work KYCers.














Back to the bus as the sun was setting.  A great evening out.  To try this hike, check out the route description below.

Tumbledown Dick Mountain (Brookfield)

Altitude: 1,147 feet

This mountain is located in Brookfield, not far from the Wolfeboro and New Durham town lines.

Driving Directions: From Rt. 28, just south of Kingswood High School and Middle School take Pleasant Valley Road to its end, 3.8 mi. from Rt. 28.

Parking: There is a small pull off with room for a few cars.  Respect private property and any signs.

Distance: 0.77 mi.

Route Description:  From the end of the maintained road, continue straight, ignoring a gated road leaving to the right.  At 0.13 mi., reach a three-way intersection.  Take the woods road leaving to the right and continue downhill.  This road is often muddy and wet.  The base of the hill is at 0.37 mi. and is often flooded.  Continue uphill to the height of land at 0.6 mi.  Turn left off the main road onto a rougher road headed uphill (marked by a cairn).  Follow this steeper road uphill, climbing some gentle ledges and reach the summit at 0.77 mi.  The summit ledges provide nice views south to Copple Crown, Moose Mountain, and the hills near Merrymeeting Lake.  There are limited views west to Alton Bay and the Belknap Mountains.

Take the Floor!

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Yesterday we hosted “Take the Floor!”  KYC’s own talent show.  Wow, we’ve got some talented teens!














An exceptional performance of What is My Life














Some sweet skateboard tricks!














The Worm!


















Zachary demonstrated some juggling and talked a bit about learning to juggle as a teenager.


















An amazing performance of Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz!



















Wood Working At the KYC!

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Woodworking has become a fun, educational, and productive activity at the KYC.  We have made our own set of corn hole boards, our own Gaga pit,  a clothing rack, and most recently, a bench for our property.














Planing it out.  We had to make lots of 20 degree cuts.  All cuts were made with hand tools by KYCers!














Putting it together.  We used deck screws to carefully assemble our bench.  We had to drill counter-sink holes before screwing the pieces together.














Our finished piece.  Our new bench made from 2X4’s.  About ten different participants contributed to this effort.    We will let the wood age before we stain it.  We look forward to having another seat in our outdoor fitness area and to sitting around the campfire with friends.

Wildlife Encounters Visit!

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Last week we had both local and exotic live animals right here at the KYC!  A visit from Wildlife Encounters!


















This Cockatoo is as smart as a human toddler.


















Hedgehogs can move three feet per second…that’s pretty fast for those small legs!


















Snakes are instinctively driven with memories of just one to three minutes.  Some have up to 1,000 bones!


















Alligators eat harder foods crocodiles eat softer foods.  They can be very hard to distinguish; this is an alligator.














98 percent of animals are invertebrates (no backbone) like this spider.  50 percent of known animals are types of beetles.









There are about 60 kinds of kangaroo, most of which are very small.  The smallest adults are about six inches tall.  When they are born, they are the size of a jelly bean.  They then spend 6 months in the pouch.  The kangaroo is only pregnant for about 28 days, except if the pouch is occupied, she can actually shut off the pregnancy.

Thanks Wildlife encounters!


Perspectives on Prevention

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Yesterday the series continued: Perspectives on Prevention!  Our guest was Dan Greene LDAC, from White Horse Addiction Center.  Dan shared a bit about his profession, what it entails, and how to get into the treatment and recovery field.














He talked about how people who are addicted to substances lose track of what matters to them.  They often lose family and friends.  People who use don’t intend to change the course of their lives, but things often get out of control.  Dan and his colleagues see the consequences of these mistakes everyday.  His best advise: “If you don’t try it, you don’t fall in love with it.”

Thank you Dan and White Horse!

Thank You D.F. Richard Energy!

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Everyone at the KYC would like to express a huge thank you to DF Richard Energy for their generous donation for program support!  Earlier this week Richard presented the donation to KYC Board of Directors President, Barbara Lobdell and KYC Executive Director, Pam Sweeney.

Perspectives on Prevention

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Last Wednesday, we continued our ‘Perspectives on Prevention’ series.  Our guest was a local man who is in long-term recovery.  He was a top athlete who played college football and became a very accomplished power-lifter.  He explained to us how a simple bad choice to use substances  derailed his goals and prevented him from succeeding as an athlete and a student.  He reminded students that every substance problem starts with just one bad choice to use.  Such bad choices can derail our goals and alter our lives for the worst.

Music Trivia

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Music Trivia! On Monday, we offered music trivia!
1. What’s Eminem’s real name?
2. Who wrote the song “Hey Ya?”
3. What is JayZ’s real name?
4. Who is Maroon 5’s lead singer?
5. What was Justin Beiber’s first hit?
6. Which country pop singer was born Eileen Regina Edwards?
7. In what American City did Elvis die?
8. Jimmy Page is an English Musician who started which band rock band in 1968?
9. What classic rock guitarist is known for a famous rendition or The Start Spangled Banner?
10. Which band released “Hey There Delialah.”
Scroll below the photo for answers!
1. Marshall Mathers
2. Outkast
3. Shawn Corey Carter
4. Adam Lavigne
5. Baby
6. Shania Twain
7. Memphis
8. Led Zeppelin
9.  Jimmi Hendrix
10. Plain White Tees

Crazy News Stories

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Last week we played a fun game; the Staff presented six crazy news stories.  Two of the stories were made up and the other four were true.  Participants were challenged to guess which were the stories were made up.


















1. A former college student refused to leave her dorm after graduation.
2. Pluto is reclassified as a planet.
3. Folks compete to see how long they can go without finding out who won the Super Bowl (some manage to go weeks).
4. A woman pretends to be blind for 28 years, fooling everyone around her!
5. A high school in VT has only 3 students.
6. A man tries to get his dog on the ballot to be Governor of Kansas.

2. Is false: per a 2006 redefinition, Pluto is a dwarf planet, not the ninth planet of the solar system as many of us adults were taught in school.
4. Is also false: this was an internet hoax.
1,3,5, and 6, are crazy but true!














Thanks for playing everyone!

Winter Camp at Moody Mountain

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Today we took a hike to Moody Mountain to practice our camping skills.  We did some hiking, learned about fire building and practiced camp cooking.














Our group setting out!


















Today felt like spring time!  What a day to be out with the KYC!














There is a cabin near the summit of Moody Mountain.  This has proven to be a fun destination for many KYC trips.


















Zachary did a fire-building demo and tested the group on camp fire vocabulary.  Three things that start and fuel a fire: tinder, kindling, and fuel.   Three things a fire needs to sustain: fuel, heat, oxygen.  Three main types of campfires: tepee-provides light, log cabin-great for cooking, lean-to-great for warmth.


















Under supervision, the participants practiced their skills by lighting the wood stove.


















We cooked our lunch over the fire in tin foil.














Roasted carrots, potatoes, and kielbasa.  Roasted apples for desert.














Great day out with the KYC.  We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their vacation!  We’re back next week for our after school program and BTAS! on Wednesday night.