A Hike to Moody Mountain!

i Jan 22nd by

We are happy to be back to offering safe and healthful in-person programs after a couple of weeks of sticking to virtual programs and food distribution (during the GWRSD remote learning period).  Two days in a row, we offered hikes to Moody Mountain, the highest point in Wolfeboro.  There’s a cabin near the summit and some nice views!  Nice job KYCers!

Happy New Year

i Jan 13th by

Happy New Year everyone!

We had a wonderful fall offering in-person and remote programs as well as mentoring and assistance with remote learning.  Just before vacation we enjoyed some wonderful winter activities including sledding and a holiday lights tour!  We look forward a great year of in-person programs, virtual programs, mentoring, and food distribution in 2021.



Thank you to our recent grant funders!

i Dec 17th by
On this snowy afternoon, we want to say a big thank you to the following foundations who have provided grant funding to the KYC this fall:
Bald Peak Community Fund, Granite United Way, The Miles Hodson Vernon Foundation, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, New Hampshire Electric Coop Foundation, Samuel P. Hunt Foundation, The Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, The Wolfeboro Fund.
Thank you for your investments in our local youth!

Fall Picnic Table Projects!

i Nov 26th by

This fall we embarked upon an ongoing project, building and restoring picnic tables.  We started by building two new picnic tables from start to finish.  Next we embarked upon refurbishing two of the KYC’s existing tables.  Students showed creativity and teamwork and practiced painting and carpentry skills.  Nice job KYC!

For our new tables, we chose to go with a natural look, finishing with clear stain.  In refurbishing some tables that the KYC has had for over 10 years, we decided to get creative and show our KYC spirit!  Below there is one ‘before shot’ and three ‘after shots’ of our completed work.  These table now match our building, which is red with white trim.

This project was made possible by the Governor Wentworth Arts Council and local donors.  Thank you!















Escape Room!

i Nov 18th by

Last week we hosted an ‘escape room’ for each of our learning cohorts!  Students were challenged to find clues and numbers to a lock combination.  Teamwork paid off as each group of participants earned their prize!

Escape Room!

i Nov 10th by

Today we are hosting an ‘escape room’ for our teens! The clue below is part of their quest…

“Pop” to your next clue!

Chilly Challenge!

i Nov 10th by

In just a couple of weeks, KYC stakeholders will brave cold ocean waters for our Chilly Challenge Fundraiser.  We will swim with substance misuse prevention advocate Chucky Rosa, who swims in the ocean every day of the year!  We want to thank the many sponsors who supported our cause through this fundraiser.  Please check out the list below!

Picnic Tables are Complete!

i Oct 28th by

This fall the KYC took on the challenge of building two picnic tables!  Students worked to measure lumber, sand, stain, assemble, and fasten.  The results look great!  Thank you to the Governor Wentworth Arts Council and an associated local donor for funding this wonderful project!  Another thank you to a local donor who contributed a brand new circular saw to the KYC’s collection of tools!

This project went a long way in supporting the KYC’s mission to teach ‘life skills,’ and proved to be extremely fun and rewarding!

Cheffing-it-Up Redesigned!

i Oct 22nd by

All of the KYC’s programs have needed to be redesigned to ensure safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  The KYC’s culinary education program, affectionately, named, Cheffing-it-Up, has had to take a ‘back burner’ due to the realities of the pandemic.  Making bread-in-a-bag proved to be a great way for students to make there own individual culinary master piece without entering the Center’s kitchen.  A past beloved KYC volunteer shared this recipe with us!  It has proven to be a fun and hygienic cooking activity!

Thank you New Hampshire Electric Co-op Foundation

i Oct 21st by
We would like to say a big thank you to the New Hampshire Electric Co-op Foundation for a recent grant to support the KYC’s Nutrition Assistance Programs. These funds will be invested in the KYC Kupboard and hot meals and snacks served during our programs. A large contingency of the KYC’s families are NHEC members.
NHEC members have the opportunity to support NHEC Foundation through participation in the Round Up Program, which rounds members’ monthly bill up to the nearest dollar and contributes the total of the adjustment to the Foundation. For more information visit,