Prevention and Spreading Cheer!

i Dec 5th by

We had a fun day in our afterschool and BTAS! programs yesterday!  Eric and Zachary presented some important information focusing on cocaine awareness.  We talked a bit about the difference between a depressant and a stimulant and a student correctly identified cocaine as a stimulant.  Zachary talked about the basics and Eric covered some of the current trends related to the dangers of cocaine.

We are working on making holiday cards for the KYC’s many generous supporters!  Students who make thoughtful handmade cards will be entered in a prize drawing during our afterschool program.  We look forward to ‘spreading cheer’ later in the month when we hand out these cards!  Happy Holidays!

Youth Center Unite!

i Dec 3rd by

The KYC is becoming fast friends with the Pittsfield Youth Workshop (PYW) in Pittsfield, NH.  Last spring Zachary made an appointment to take a tour.  Shortly after, Zach and Paula of PYW headed north to check out the KYC!  In July, the two groups met for a hike up Pine Mountain in Alton.  Then in October PYW brought a group of their youth to visit the KYC.

Last week, it was our turn to check out PYW’s afterschool program.  Our schools were closed last Monday for conferences, while Pittsfield had school, making it the perfect day for a trip down!  We played a fun game of introductions, enjoyed PYW’s table games, ski ball, wii, and piano, shopped at the PYW store, enjoyed their spaghetti, and learned a whole lot about PYW!  The most important takeaway was that PYW is a whole lot like KYC!  Thanks PYW for hosting us!  We look forward to the continuation of our friendship!

Thanksgiving at the KYC!

i Nov 25th by

Last Thursday, the KYC enjoyed our annual Thanksgiving meal! We had a large turn-out of hungry teenagers. As teens walked through the doors, they were greeted with the smells of roasting turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and more! The tables were set and everyone picked a seat. We passed a pumpkin around, and when you were holding it, it was your time to share one thing you were thankful for. Many members shared they were thankful for their friends, their families, food, and… the KYC!

After a delicious and filling meal, we enjoyed a lot of time outside! All that food gave everyone extra energy to enjoy games and running around. Basketball, tag, “Volcano,” biking and skateboarding were all popular choices. Then apple crisp and pumpkin bread were served, before students hopped on the bus to head home.

The KYC wants all of our supporters, and our KYC members, to know that we are incredibly thankful for them.  We couldn’t do what we do without all of you!


A Visit To Hope House!

i Nov 18th by

On Thursday, a small group from the KYC took a field trip to Hope House!  Hope House operates in Wolfeboro to help families living in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District and experiencing homelessness make sustainable transitions.  We were greeted by Hope House, Philanthropy Officer, Jeannie Burns.  Burns shared some important facts about homelessness in NH and had some great advise to help our students support others.  Hope House provides diverse support to help local families make successful and sustainable steps.

The KYC has embarked upon ‘Project Linus,’ an effort through which we will make 15-20 tied fleece blankets to contribute to Hope House.  During our Thursday visit, we presented eleven blankets to Burns, which she accepted with gratitude on behalf of Hope House.   The blankets will be presented to Hope House residents throughout the colder months.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to Hope House’s mission in this small way!

A Happy Halloween!

i Nov 6th by

We had a great time celebrating and helping out during the Town of Wolfeboro Trick-or-Treat.  We obtained permission to set up a KYC tent a Clark Park.  We set up on Trick or Treat night and offered candy, cake, and hot chocolate to Trick or Treaters.  After serving others we spent a little bit of time trick or treating ourselves.  It was wonderful seeing so many children and families out enjoying this fun tradition.  Our students were excellent youth leaders and Zachary did some

juggling to wow the crowds.  We were really pleased that the weather wasn’t as bad as we feared!  We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Project Linus-Help’n Hope House

i Oct 30th by

Throughout the month of October, the KYC has been busy working on ‘Project Linus.’  Through this important service project, the KYC will create 15-20 tied fleece blankets to donate to Hope House in Wolfeboro.  Hope House is Families in Transition’s local facility, which offeres temporary and emergency housing to families in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District.  Hope House opened in June 2018.  The facility can house up to seven families who are between homes.  We are so pleased that Hope House is available as a resource for local families.  We are thrilled to offer a small contribution to Hope House’s mission by participating in Project Linus.  The blankets will be made available to families at Hope House as the weather becomes cooler.  We are about half way to our goal of 15-20 blankets.  Nice work KYC!

Send a Message. Stay Drug Free.

i Oct 28th by

Red Ribbon Week 2019 started last Wednesday.  Red Ribbon Week is a national substance misuse prevention campaign that uses a red ribbon as a reminder of the dangers of substances and the importance of making good choices.  The tradition began in 1985 following the brutal murder of Enrique Camarena, a drug enforcement agent.

Each year, the KYC uses Red Ribbon Week as another opportunity to help teens stay drug free.  The KYC’s tradition is to create a red ribbon visual that reflects the annual campaign slogan and our students’ reasons for choosing to be drug free.  This year’s slogan is: “Send a Message.  Stay Drug Free.”

The Kingswood Spook Center!

i Oct 24th by

Last night we hosted The Kingswood Spook Center!  The Spook Center is a fun Halloween Party for younger kids.  Our high school and middle school students are in charge of leading games for the younger ones.  The fun last night included: face painting, photo booth, apple bowling, apple stacking, pin the nose on the pumpkin, home-made bird feeders, orange (the fruit) jack-o-lanterns,  apple bowling, donut on spring, toss the bean bag in the ghost’s mouth, cupcake decorating, and a coloring contest!

Many younger kids and families came in costume for this fun event.  Our teen leaders did a great job hosting the party.  Nice work KYC!

Celebration of 10 Years on Center Street

i Oct 21st by

The beautiful facility on Center Street, which you have come to know as “the KYC,” just turned 10!  Community members are often surprised when we remind them that the KYC first opened its doors 10 years ago in October 2009.  Last Wednesday we celebrated this important milestone.  Our event was well attended, with diverse groups of community members joining us to celebrate our success in our current home.  KYC members delighted an audience with a presentation about the history of the KYC.  Zachary agreed to be the narrator and students took responsibility for various theatrics.  We think we made a great impression and put on a good show!  Nice work team!  Thank you to all community members who joined us for the fun!  An even bigger thank you to EVERYONE who has supported the KYC over the past decade!

Working Hard! Aniversary Celebration, Red Ribbon Week, Kingswood Spook Center

i Oct 16th by

We had a great day yesterday!

One group of students worked on decorations for “The Kingswood Spook Center.”  The Kingswood Spook Center is a Halloween event at which our teens host games for younger kids.  Thanks KYCers for putting your heads together to get the games ready.  We’re all pumped for a fun night!

Another group made brownies for the 10th anniversary of our building celebration.  We can’t wait to host community guests this evening from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.  Hope to see you there!

Another group worked on our Red Ribbon Week poster.  Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign that helps students choose to stay drug free.  Its become a tradition at the KYC to create a poster which reflects the national campaign slogan, as well as our students reasons for choosing to be drug free.  This year’s slogan is: “Send a Message.  Stay Drug Free!”  Keeping with the theme, we made a poster shaped like a giant envelope.

Thanks KYCers for all your hard work!  What a fun month ahead!