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Alcohol Awarness

i Jan 30th by

Yesterday in our substance misuse prevention program we covered alcohol awareness.  An empty glass represented the only amount of alcohol that is acceptable to drink if under 21, in-long term recovery, or when other circumstances make it unsafe to drink…none at all!  We talked about how there are adults who don’t drink at all, adults who sometimes drink, but don’t have a problem, and adults who are in danger due to their alcohol use.  A set of visuals (not alcohol of course) demonstrated what is considered a single drink-5 oz. of wine, 12 oz. of standard beer, or 1.5 oz. of 80 proof hard liquor.   In situations where it is acceptable for adults to drink, men should not exceed two drinks and woman should not exceed one.  Drinking five or more drinks is classified a ‘binge drinking, ‘ and carries the greatest risk.

In our prevention programs, we work with White Horse Recovery to help our teens make good choices now and into adulthood!