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A Great Couple of Winter Break Programs!

i Dec 28th by

We hope all students are enjoying vacation!  We had a lot of fun offering two full-day programs.  Yesterday we took a trip to Copple Crown Mountain.  Today we practiced yoga, talked about New Years Resolutions, watched a movie, baked, and enjoyed time with friends.


















Part of our group headed up Copple Crown.  Not a ton of snow left, but we did have to bundle up due to winter temps!



















A little more snow higher up!














A classic KYC summit photo!














Today we tried something that was new to a lot of us yoga!














Talkin’ ’bout a resolution!  We talked New Years Resolutions as a group!














A couple students decided to work in the kitchen, treating us to brownies, hot chocolate, and Jello.  Thanks!


















What a great couple days of BTAS!  programs!  Happy New Year!