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Presidents’ Day Presidential Trivia

i Feb 20th by
Yesterday for Presidents’ Day we offered presidential trivia!
1. Who was the first President?
2. Which President is on the $20 bill?
3. What is the most reoccurring first name for U.S. Presidents?
4. Who was the only President from NH?
5. Which President served for the shortest amount of time in office? Longest?
6. Who was the only President to resign?
7. Which President is considered the author of the Declaration of Independence?
8. Who is the President of the KYC’s Board of Directors?
Answers Below!
1. George Washington
2. Andrew Jackson
3. James (Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, Carter)
4. Franklin Pierce
5. Shortest: William Henry Harrison-31 days; died in office. Longest: Franklin Roosevelt 4,422 days, died in office during fourth term.  22nd Amendment now prohibits more than two terms.  
6. Richard Nixon
7. Thomas Jefferson
8. Barbara Lobdell